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Saturday January 16, 2021

(Qasd) continues to kidnap young men in the countryside of Hasaka, to bring them to fight in its ranks

The World – Syria

Local sources from the southern countryside of Hasaka told SANA that armed men from the “Qasd militia” surrounded several houses in the city of Al-Shaddadi and its countryside, and kidnapped a group of young men and drove them at gunpoint to training camps to forcibly engage them in the fighting in the ranks of the militia.

In the countryside of Qamishli, the sources indicated that the “Qasd militia” continues its violations against the people, as it kidnapped a number of young men from villages in the Tal Hamis district to take them to special training camps to put them in the fighting within the ranks of that militia.

Yesterday, armed men from the “Qasd militia” kidnapped a number of young men in the town of Al-Karamah in the eastern countryside of Raqqa and the city of Al-Shaddadi in the southern countryside of Hasaka, and took them to an unknown destination to be forcibly recruited to fight in their ranks.

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