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Tuesday November 24, 2020

Qasd ambush eliminates 30 Free Army members in the countryside of Raqqa

The World – Syria

The Observatory indicated that an armed group of more than 30 armed men from the “Free Army” infiltrated at midnight on Monday – Tuesday towards the village of Muallaq. The “SDF” withdrew from its positions in the village after setting up an ambush of mines, which exploded with the militants after entering the village, coinciding with that. “Qasd”, with intense missile strikes, killing 18 armed factions, in addition to wounding 13 others with varying wounds, some of them in serious cases.

On the tenth of this month, the “Qasd” carried out an infiltration into the Al-Dairy farm in the countryside of the town of Abu Rasin in the northwestern countryside of Hasaka, and blew up the farm, which included a meeting of about 20 militants from the “Free Army” factions loyal to Ankara, killing 15 militants, in addition to The “Qasd” captured 3 other militants.

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