The horse is one of the most beautiful animals, and it is used in competitions, battles, and riding. The word horse came from vanity, which means pride and pride. The horse has many names, including: the horse, and the horse. Riding it for our children, and in this article we will give you beautiful proverbs about horses.

proverbs about horses

  • The horse is maimin: any blessings, from Yemen and blessing.
  • Horses know their knights. He sets the example for the man who thinks he has singing, but he does not.
  • The sightedest of a mare for the acuity of his eyesight.
  • The horse followed its bridle, giving an example of a man who started an order and did not complete it.
  • I get tired of Raed dowry, for his effort in taming.
  • Faster than the horse team, a metaphor for speed and achievement.
  • Faster than a horse in a beagle, the smallness of their thumb, which is dark in color in pitch darkness, is an example of the acuity of hearing.
  • More severe than a mare, he sets an example of patience and strength.
  • The most honorable horse, take it from the whip, i.e. the honorable horse is keen not to be beaten because it is humiliating, so she does not need her rider to use his whip because it accomplishes what is intended from it without being pushed to it.
  • Every horse has a setback, that is, a stumbling block, and the meaning is that the honorable or honorable one should not be blamed if a misstep falls from him.
  • I left it on the cheek of a horse, on a clear path.
  • Running horses are powerful, horses do not complete their strength, and they are superior to any other, and he sets an example for the superior who is unmatched by anyone.
  • Horses run on their equals, their equals, that is, their flaws, and the meaning is that even if a horse has flaws, its generosity and self-esteem make it run, and likewise a generous man carries himself on the good bearing, despite his weaknesses and flaws.
  • The horse is not in its hood and its burqa, the camel is what is placed on an animal to be protected with it, and the burqa is a mask or clothing of animals, and the proverb is given that a man is in his essence and not in his appearance.
  • They are like two betting horses, setting an example for equals in credit or strength.
  • The stick is from the stick, and the stick is the name of a mare, and the proverb indicates the factor of heredity and that the branch is affected by the origin.
  • The knights were unable to do it, and Abu Al-Hussein received it, Abu Al-Hussein the fox. The proverb means that the dangerous thing may be incapable of adults and young people try to do.

Beautiful proverbs about horses

  • The horse is from her imagination and the woman is from her men, that is, she knows the quality and authenticity of the horse from the originality of her knight, as well as the morals of a woman from the behavior of her guardian.
  • The dignity of a purebred horse is to ride it, meaning honoring the horse in riding and training it, which is the purpose of its acquisition.
  • He is the winner of the Al-Kahila, Al-Kahila is a mare of freed horses, that is, as if he had won the race for the Al-Kahila, and he sets an example for those who exaggerate their sense of pride and self-admiration.
  • The horse’s lag appears in the previous one, i.e., the most exhausted of it in the enemy to know the race from it, the lag is the field, and the lag is the approach and attachment to the running horses, i.e., do not judge the matter or the person until after the test.
  • Were it not for their horses, we would have thrown them, we would have thrown them, we would have thrown them to the ground, and the horse here is a symbol of strength and invincibility.
  • Horses do not raise the rap of his blood, that is, the horse does not escape from his death, that is, there is no escape from the destiny of God.
  • Only its stirrups are known to a horse, i.e. no one can do this except its owner who specializes in it.
  • With the horse, ya chakra, i.e., the likeness of the mare named chakra, which follows the horse wherever it has gone.
  • Horse udder wash

words about horses

  • Horsebacks covered it, and camel milk watered it.
  • Richest money a mare, followed by a mare, in her belly a mare.
  • As for horses, for fear and terror, and as for rats, for beauty and meekness, and as for mules, for a long journey, and as for camels, for judgment, and as for donkeys, for bears, and lightness of provision.
  • The dearest place in the world is a swimming saddle and the best companion in time is a book.
  • When truth prevails you harness horses to farm work, and when falsehood prevails you harness horses to battle.
  • The difference between the author and the horse is that the horse does not understand the language of the horse dealer.
  • A horse never runs faster than it does when another horse is trying to catch up and overtake it.
  • Have you seen the tears of horses? How many lessons in the soul, the cilia did not know.
  • Horses are bound by their forelocks of goodness until the Day of Resurrection, so what confidence will you have when you see a horse and realize that good is on its forelock, and what certainty do you seek if that is the word of the Prophet?
  • There is a pride in horses that a person cannot understand. It grieves and does not reveal itself, and it suffers and does not break.
  • Remember that who you know horses will not be ignorant of people.
  • It is impossible to clean a horse stall without getting hands dirty.
  • Would you ask the horses, O daughter of Malik, if you were ignorant of what you did not know? He who witnessed the wrecking will tell you that I am faint in the fight and pardon the spoils.
  • O night of the desert, do you not come again? Watering your time with rain from the past from the living, if it was ransom, you would have given him generous money from horses and blessings.
  • If the horses were lost by the people who protected them, then you joined the children, we would share with them the livelihood every day and we would clothe them with veils and majesty.
  • My heart fell from the sway of the horses of fancy, and I became a prisoner of a girl.
  • The horse, the night, the desert know me, the sword, the spear, the stationery and the pen.

proverbs about horses

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