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Tuesday March 2, 2021

Protect your phone from viruses | Arab Post

There is no doubt that most of the smartphones we use are not immune to malware, as in the parallel electronic world there is a variety of viruses that cause all kinds of problems, in the event that one of them reaches your personal phone.

Therefore, it is imperative to protect the phone from viruses, some of which may work clearly, and others may covertly steal your personal information and money if you link the phone to your bank card.

Protect your phone from viruses

Here’s how to check for viruses on your phones, and what to do if you check.

iStock / Most of the smartphones we use are not immune to malware

Look at the symptoms of the problem

Viruses usually find their way to the phone through users’ access to content that they should not access, such as clicking on a strange link in text messages, or in anonymous attachments in e-mail, or by downloading a new random application, all of these things are considered Sources of malware.

Cell phones have become very targeted lately, because people usually don’t think much when opening a text message link or trying a new app.

According to the site Digital Trends The American, that even iPhones are also vulnerable to Trojans and phishing methods, especially if the user has previously resorted to jailbreaking the device to get rid of the operating system restrictions.

This also means that many users will not realize that their phones are infected until it is too late, that is, after the beginning of the appearance of strange symptoms on the devices.

Pop-up ads are frequent and unmanageable

Ad malware is a type of malware that floods your phone or infected apps with annoying pop-up ads that are difficult or impossible to get rid of, and that will not disappear over time.

Not only are these ads annoying, but they are usually linked to worse viruses or fraudulent scams that can cause even more problems.

iStock / ad malware is a type of malware that infects your phone
iStock / ad malware is a type of malware that infects your phone

Rapid battery draining is suspicious

Phone batteries are diminishing in capacity and efficiency over time, but if you suddenly feel that your phone battery is draining too quickly, you might want to take a closer look to see what happens. You might have spyware running in the background of your phone to collect your information.

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According to the site Data Over HaulersViruses cannot directly attack a smartphone’s battery, but they can run some applications in the background, which leads to a drain on energy, which makes them appear damaged.

Long-term presence of these harmful viruses on the mobile phone may damage the battery.

iStock / Long-term presence of these harmful viruses on the mobile phone will damage the battery
iStock / Long-term presence of these harmful viruses on the mobile phone will damage the battery

The presence of an application that you have not previously downloaded

Always try to check the list of applications on your phone for any surprises, as you may find an unexpected application that you have not downloaded before.

If you see a new application, there may be a virus responsible for it, or you have a malicious application that downloads new applications in the background on its own.

But before that, check with your wife or children, to see if they are responsible for downloading any applications on your phone, and do not open any strange application if you do not recognize it!

iStock / If you see a new application, there may be a virus responsible for that
iStock / If you see a new application, there may be a virus responsible for that

The virus itself announces its presence

Have you ever heard of ransomware? It’s the kind that once it gets to your phone, it locks your apps and files and tells you what has happened.

The main goal of these viruses is to demand a ransom from you so that all the details of your phone are returned, so that you can use it again and restore all your other data.

According to the site Csoonline There are several defensive steps you can take to prevent getting ransomware, such as:

Keep your operating system up-to-date to make sure you have fewer vulnerabilities to exploit.

Do not install or grant privileges to programs unless you know exactly what they are and what they are doing.

Of course, back up your files frequently and automatically to ensure that they are not lost.

iStock / Ransomware
iStock / Ransomware

Unexpected fees

It is known that malicious applications earn money by automating some processes to deceive users and drain their money, by sending text messages at premium prices or making phone calls at premium rates according toGiffgaff Technical specialist.

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For example, you may send dozens of text messages to numbers that cause a credit to be deducted from your phone with each message, and if you are not the one who actually subscribes to the special services that you subscribe to when sending those text messages, then it will be most likely a malware.

Or, a virus may also drain your internet data package, leading to higher fees from the service provider.

So it’s always a good idea to check your detailed phone bill: Are there strange charges you wouldn’t expect to see? If so, then you most likely have a virus on your smartphone.

Your phone crashes or freezes frequently

There are many reasons that explain the automatic shutdown of the phone, including a problem with the battery, a huge overheating of the phone, or a bug in updates.

But your phone crashes again and again in the same way, no matter what you do, this most likely indicates a virus.

For example, when using games that require a lot of processing power, you may notice your phone overheating, which is normal, but if your device suddenly becomes hot during the normal operation of the phone without running anything intensive, this may be a sign of your phone being infected with a virus.

How to avoid phone viruses

Sometimes, you can use a scanning program to search for any specific viruses on your phone.

For example, if your phone is a Samsung Galaxy, you can run a malware scan at any time using the Smart Manager app. (You can download it from Here).

You can also download an external program to help you protect and secure your device, as many famous and well-known brands in the field of electronic security offer mobile applications that you can use to check your phone for viruses.

Avast is one of the most popular options available, and you can download it for free (download for Android devices from HereDownload it for devices running iOS from here).

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So, if you are concerned about having viruses on your device, this step will be very helpful.

You should also know that virus scan results will not be 100% reliable, so you will need to constantly update virus scanning applications and programs to get better results, but they will still be useful to help you confirm your suspicions if you think that there is some malware on your phone.

What do you do if there are viruses on your phone?

If you think there is a virus problem, disconnect your phone from the Internet immediately, then turn it off.

And in the event that you need to continue to use the phone Or you want to look for more symptoms that indicate the presence of viruses, you should start the phone in “Safe Mode”.

If your phone is an iPhone, you can enter Safe Mode by turning on the phone and pressing and holding the Volume Down button until the “Apple” logo appears.

As for Android phones, you can usually start in safe mode by long pressing the shutdown button, until you see the option to restart in safe mode.

And in safe mode, you can search for suspicious apps or other problems that your device may be suffering from.

Unfortunately, once the virus gets on the phone, your options for getting rid of it are limited, especially if the malware continues to disappear well.

So we recommend that you reset the phone to factory settings, then restore your phone and data from the existing backup before the virus problems started to appear.

In the event that you do not have a backup of your phone that you can use to restore phone data, then you may risk losing some data permanently; So it is always better to have a backup copy, as you never know when you will need it.

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