properties of real numbers

If the numbers denoted by the symbols a, b, and c are real numbers, then some properties of these numbers can be explained as follows:[1]

  • The sum of adding A to B gives another real number.
  • The product of subtracting the number b from the number a is a real number.
  • The product of A by B is a real number.
  • The product of dividing the number a by the number b is another real number, provided that the value of the number b is not equal to zero.
  • Zero, which is the neutral in addition, is considered a real number.
  • The number 1, which is the neutral in the multiplication process, is considered a real number.
  • For every real number there is another number known as its additive inverse or additive counterpart, the additive inverse of A is the number -a.

properties of prime numbers

Any number is considered prime if it is greater than one and is only divisible by itself and by one. In the following, we will learn about some of the properties of prime numbers:[2]

  • All prime numbers except for the numbers (2 and 5) end with one of the numbers (1, 3, 7, 9), and the reason for this is that numbers ending with the numbers (0, 2, 4, 6 8) will be a multiple of two, and any number A multiple of two is not prime, and the same applies to numbers ending in zero or five, so they will be multiples of five, which are also not prime numbers.
  • If the numbers a and b are integers, and their product is divisible by c, where c is a prime number, then the number a or the number b must be divisible by c.

Divisions of real numbers

Real numbers are classified into a number of categories, including the following:[3]

  • The natural numbers, which are the set of positive integers.
  • Integers, negative and zero.
  • Relative numbers.
  • Irrational numbers.

the reviewer

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properties of numbers

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