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Wednesday May 27, 2020

Programs on Netflix that make you travel the world from your sofa – programs and series on traveling on Netflix

Although the curfew and the various restrictions imposed by countries in the face of the emerging Corona virus to protect citizens and prevent disease outbreaks have started to be lifted, staying home, if it is not necessary to exit, remains the best way to stave off the risks of Covid 19. ! For example, Netflix programs, some popcorn, and a comfortable sofa. Most important and beautiful, you will find many of these programs that make you travel the world from your sofa. Are you ready for these adventures ?! So, tighten the seat belt, and relax …

Here are the best travel simulation programs on Netflix

Restaurants on the Edge

Three food and design experts travel around the world to revive and save failed restaurants by linking them with local culture and the foods that people care about. Restaurants on the Edge or in Arabic “Restaurants on the Abyss” consists of two seasons and is really worth pursuing, especially if you love food and get to know new cultures.

Dark Tourist

From a lake contaminated with nuclear waste to a haunted forest, journalist David Farrier visits unusual attractions around the world, and it is often horrific! “The Dark Tourist” is from Netflix’s original productions, and it consists of 8 episodes that will make you venturing into your home!

Tales by light

If you are a fan of photography and of course traveling, this is your program! She will accompany photographers and filmmakers as they roam the world to capture images that will never be erased by people, places, creatures and cultures from new angles not previously shown. “Tales of Light” consists of 3 seasons as the last season tracks the three photographers Derrin Joe, Artwolf, Crystal Wright during their expeditions in the neighborhoods of Bangladesh, coral reefs of Indonesia, and Australia’s remote areas.

Our Planet – Behind the Scenes

Or “Our Planet Behind the Scenes” in Arabic is a documentary that explores the secrets of the depictions of nature’s wonders and the modern technical devices used for this purpose, and makes you feel the great effort made in capturing different scenes. If you are a nature lover, this documentary, by Sir Sir David Attenborough, is the author and host of the most popular wildlife TV production, for you specifically.

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Flavorful Origins

Travel to China and explore the culinary traditions and tales of people who prepare and take pride in their dishes. The “origin of flavor” consists of two seasons.

Chef’s Table

In this Emmynominated series, she meets culinary stars from around the world, who frame a new history of gastronomy with innovative dishes and mouthwatering desserts. The number of “Chef’s Table” seasons is 6 and it deserves to be followed especially that it makes you feel that you are actually eating food in a restaurant without being physically there! Enjoy rare opportunities to enter the kitchen, find out what’s happening before serving, and hear how the chef’s brain works!

The Kindness Diaries

The presenter of the program, “Leon Lovotets”, roams the world on his oldfashioned motorcycle, where he is exposed to situations with strangers around the world who improve to him, and he returns the favor to them in inspiring and unexpected ways.

Conan Without Borders

When you feel anxious or upset, hurry up to Netflix and follow this “Conan O’Brien” talk show comedy show, with his humor and comedic sense as he roams the streets and hosts celebrities from around the world!

Ugly delicious

Chef David Chang leads his friends on a multicultural, mouthwatering journey to find the finest foods in the world. Accompany them without hesitation! Each episode highlights one platter or one concept, and explores how it is made and developed in different regions of the world.

Travels with my father

Have you ever traveled with your father? Or do you plan to do this but you don’t know what this “adventure” will be? Follow the fun comedian Jack Whitehall, who travels with his traditional father, Michael, on fun and exceptional trips to foreign countries in an attempt to cement their relationship.

The world’s most extraordinary homes

If you love designing and decorating and want to know some of the most beautiful homes around the world, this is the right option for you. Beers Taylor, an awardwinning architect, travels the world with a passionate real estate actress, Caroline Quentin, in search of fabulous funky homes. Travel to amazing countries and also enjoy the landscapes that the camera documents when photographing home.

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Stay Here

Were you dreaming of renting your home to tourists and thereby getting to know different cultures, making new friends and making money? Or are you one of those who prefer to stay in apartments and homes when you travel? Follow this program as designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer show real estate owners how to convert them into shortterm accommodation that makes a lot of money.

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