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Monday September 28, 2020

Program to change Windows 10 wallpapers automatically

You can change Windows 10 wallpapers automatically from within the Windows system itself and with very easy settings, in fact, but the big disadvantage of this method is that you will need to provide the system with your own wallpapers, and if you are like me, one of the lazy people who want the process of changing backgrounds to take place automatically without even interference from them. If it was as simple as uploading pictures and placing them in a specific folder, the program that we will talk about today was made especially for you.

Today, we will present to you the Bing Wallpapers program, which is an official and approved program from Microsoft to help you in the process of changing wallpapers and downloading them automatically from Microsoft’s Bing search engine, which is Microsoft’s copy of Google Drive.

In fact, Bing backgrounds are the best that comes from this engine, and they provide a wide range of distinctive and beautiful backgrounds in general, so we will talk today about this program specifically and not another program.

Also, through the program, you can browse the images and choose the images that you prefer and choose to appear on your computer continuously and various customization matters.

How to change Windows 10 wallpapers:

In the beginning, you must download the program through the Microsoft Store or through this Link.

Install the program with the options you prefer and the format you prefer, then finish the installation and accept the terms of service use.

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To be able to access the program, you will find the program tab located next to the icon Tray below:

Program to change Windows 10 wallpapers automatically 1

Double click on it or with the right mouse button to open its options.

Automatically change Windows 10 wallpapers 2

There are a bunch of options that you can do, for example you can change the wallpaper and present it or go back to a previous wallpaper through the arrows next to Change Wallpaper.

You can also view background information and find it at the top of the list and you can also go to the site to use its search as well.

As we said, there are a lot of programs that you can use to change backgrounds automatically, but Bing wallpapers are among the best in the options, so it is the best in addition to being officially approved by Microsoft.

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