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Sunday January 17, 2021

Private hospitals in Lebanon announce that her family is completely occupied

The World – Lebanon

Haroun said that the whole family is occupied in the departments designated for Covid-19 patients, as well as the emergency departments are full, and there are dozens of patients moving from one hospital to another in search of a bed, revealing that Lebanon’s hospitals have exceeded their capacity.

Haroun pointed out that “private hospitals have doubled over the past month the number of their beds allocated to Corona patients to reach 600 beds in intensive care and 1100 normal beds, indicating that this is the most they can do, as they cannot afford to equip more beds under The economic crisis it suffers from due to the loss of the national currency’s value, as well as the state’s failure to pay the accumulated hospital dues.

And the Lebanese Ministry of Health announced yesterday in its latest statistics that the total number of deaths due to the virus in the country reached 1866, while the total number of infections reached 249,158, as the country recorded a sharp increase in the number of daily infections during the past two weeks.

The media office of the Minister of Public Health in the caretaker government, Hamad Hassan, also announced in a statement that the ministry “continues its efforts to confront the pressure that the country is facing in the face of the Corona epidemic, despite all the adverse economic conditions, financially and living, and it is working on more than one level to dispel what is possible The implications of the health crisis.

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