Presentation of Saudi Airlines on the founding day She launched her new look in conjunction with the anniversary of the Saudi founding day; As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia entrusts it every year from the Saudi Airlines Company for its participation in the Kingdom in all its occasions, through the distinguished offers that it offers on the nomads that it organizes on board its giant planes, and it provides a content site. Saudi Airlines offers for founding day 2022.

Saudi founding day

Today, Tuesday, February 22, 2022, coincides with the anniversary of the Saudi Founding Day, a distinct national day launched by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the first time since its history, in order for the country to celebrate the three hundred years in a row since the founding of the first Saudi state, which was founded by Imam Muhammad bin Saud in the Emirate of Diriyah at the time, and the period of his rule witnessed many developments in the history of the Kingdom, and security, safety and stability were established in all the areas he ruled, and for this it was necessary for the Kingdom to celebrate this fragrant occasion, which brings the Kingdom back to the fragrant memories of the past and links it to the present and the future, and the Kingdom has also adopted a special slogan for this Today; It was launched under the title “A Fat Day” with the circular slogan; Which includes several elements and shapes, each with different symbolic connotations, and consists of five symbols that reflect the rich heritage of life in Saudi Arabia, which are the banner, the Arabian horse, dates, the council, and the market, with the founding day -1727 font – written in a script inspired by Saudi manuscripts Old.

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Presentation of Saudi Airlines on the founding day

Saudi Airlines launched its special offer on the founding day, in order to share the joy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the date of its founding, and the passage of three centuries since carrying the banner. In various parts of the Kingdom only at a price of 122 Saudi riyals only, and this offer is valid on economy class, and one-way flights, as well as on direct flights only. Offer details as follows:[1]

Presentation of Saudi Airlines for the founding day

Offer free tickets for Foundation Day

As announced by the Minister of Entertainment and Tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Turki Al-Sheikh; About drawing 10 free travel tickets for all participants in the hashtag (Bodya Day) dedicated to expressing the Saudi founding day.

  • Chicago.
  • Bangkok.
  • Barcelona.
  • Malaga.
  • Marrakesh.
  • Moscow.
  • Beijing.
  • flood.
  • Entebbe.
  • Amsterdam.

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Golden Gifts for Saudi Arabian Airlines

Many people are keen to be lucky to get the golden gifts provided by Saudi Airlines, as Saudi Airlines allowed its customers the opportunity to obtain one golden gift out of 295 gifts made of gold in celebration of the founding day for the year 2022 AD, and obtaining the gift is required to take into account each of the following :

  • Participation in the expression of the founding day is required by written text, recitation or poetry.
  • It is required to participate with the hashtag launched by Saudi Airlines on its Twitter page
  • Note: The names of the winners will be announced on March 1, 2022.

Golden Gifts for Saudi Arabian Airlines

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Airlines discounts on Saudi Foundation Day 2022

Saudi Airlines has launched many discounts on the occasion of the Saudi Founding Day. These discounts extend to travel both internally and externally. The discount rate is up to 15% on travel tickets to Dammam, by using the discount code ITHRA15 when booking online via the Saudi Airlines website, as well as a discount on tickets to Thailand starting on February 28, starting at only 1499 Saudi riyals.

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Reserve a ticket for Saudi Airlines for the founding day

The Saudi Airlines ticket available as part of the founding day offers is booked through the Saudi Airlines website, by following the following instructions:

  • Go directly to the Saudi Airlines ticket booking link “from here”.
  • View the founding day offers available.
  • Choose the offer you want to book a ticket.
  • Select the ticket category you wish to book.
  • Enter the reservation code.
  • Follow the booking instructions to its end.

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Here, our article has come to an end. Where we brought you Presentation of Saudi Airlines on the founding dayIt is an exclusive and distinguished offer for travel to several internal destinations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, during the period allotted for these offers and discounts.

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