Potatoes are edible tubers, which have their origins in the Andes Mountains in South America, then spread in Europe, and are now grown around the world. Types of potatoes differ in their colors; Such as: white, red, yellow, and blue, and potatoes are characterized by their content of phytochemicals, dietary fiber, various minerals and vitamins, and it is worth noting that most nutrients are found in the potato peel, so it is preferable to eat it with the peel.[1]

Potato benefits for bodybuilding

Bodybuilders follow a precise nutritional diet, accompanied by a specific sports training program in order to increase their muscle mass, where the proportions and quantities that the athlete should eat of macronutrients are calculated and determined; Such as: fats, carbohydrates, and protein. Carbohydrates are important nutrients for bodybuilding; It is a source of energy production, and helps to recover after exercise, and it is worth noting that potatoes are a food rich in complex carbohydrates, so it is recommended to eat sufficient quantities of them, and it is also recommended to eat a mixture of sweet potatoes and grilled potatoes during the day as a main source of carbohydrates, but it is important to determine the time it is taken; Where it can be eaten with grilled chicken before exercise, and in the evening, sweet potatoes can be eaten with chicken, and grilled potatoes with lean meat and vegetable salad at dinner time; It is worth noting that potatoes are considered a suitable food for athletes for several reasons, including:[2]

  • Source of calories: where bodybuilders need large amounts of calories, in order to promote muscle growth and building, and because potatoes are a rich source of calories and carbohydrates, and do not contain fat or cholesterol, they are one of the appropriate foods to meet the calorie needs of these players.
  • It contains minerals and vitamins that enhance body functions: which improves its ability to grow muscle mass, and these elements include: thiamine, magnesium, and niacin. It also contains vitamin B6, which plays a role in the metabolism of amino acids and proteins for muscle growth, and vitamin C, the antioxidant that promotes recovery. Between exercise, potassium, which is important for muscle function.
  • Increasing muscle glycogen stores: It is the main source of energy for physical and sports activity, in addition to containing important fibers to nourish the beneficial bacteria in the intestine.[3]

Potato benefits for the body

Eating vegetables and fruits helps to promote health, and reduce the risk of many health problems, and potatoes are among the vegetables that provide many health benefits to the body, and the following are the most important of these benefits:[1]

  • Contribute to reducing blood pressure: Eating small amounts of sodium contributes to maintaining blood pressure at normal levels, and increasing potassium consumption may have a similar effect on blood pressure, as it helps to expand blood vessels, and potatoes contain potassium, calcium, magnesium; It was found that all of these elements reduce blood pressure naturally.
  • Promote heart health: because it contains potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and fiber, in addition to not containing cholesterol, it is worth noting that dietary fiber helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, which contributes to reducing the risk of heart disease.
  • Prevention of cancer: caused by mutations in the DNA of potatoes to contain folate, which plays a role in building and repairing DNA, and eating fiber from fruits and vegetables such as potatoes is associated with a reduced risk of colorectal cancer, and vitamin C and quercetin have an antioxidant effect, which Protects cells from damage caused by free radicals.
  • Promote bone health: Potatoes contain iron, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, and zinc, and these elements help maintain the structure and strength of bones, and iron and zinc play a role in the production and maturation of collagen.
  • Reduce inflammation: Potatoes contain choline, which is an important nutrient for the health of the body, as it contributes to the process of moving muscles, mood, memory, and the ability to learn, and helps maintain the structure of cellular membranes, transmit nerve impulses, in addition to helping it absorb Fats, and brain development in the early stage of life, and it is worth noting that a large potato contains 57 milligrams of choline.
  • Promote digestive health: The fiber in potatoes helps promote gut health and prevent constipation.
  • Helping reduce weight: It is known that dietary fiber helps maintain weight and get rid of excess weight, as it leads to increased feeling of satiety, reduced appetite, and thus eating fewer calories.
  • Promote metabolism: Potatoes contain vitamin B6, which is important for metabolism; And that through the analysis of carbohydrates into glucose, and proteins into amino acids; This makes it easier for the body to use it as an energy source.
  • Promote healthy skin: Vitamin C helps prevent skin damage from the sun, smoking, and environmental factors, and collagen helps reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture.

Potato nutritional value

The following table shows the nutrients content of 100 grams of fresh potatoes:[4]

nutritional element

the value


83.29 grams


58 calories


2.57 g


0.10 g


12.44 g


2.5 g


30 milligrams


3.24 milligrams


23 milligrams


38 milligrams


413 milligrams


10 milligrams


0.35 milligrams

vitamin C

11.4 milligrams


17 micrograms

the reviewer

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Potato benefits for bodybuilding

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