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Saturday January 23, 2021

Portugal records an unprecedented death toll in Corona

The world – Europe

The country’s General Administration of Health Affairs stated, in a new statistic today, Friday, that the number of confirmed cases of “Covid-19” infection in the country during the past 24 hours increased by 15,333, bringing the total number to 624,469 cases.

These data indicate a record increase in the index of daily infections with the Coronavirus in Portugal, which was recorded in the statistics on January 20, 14,647, and on January 21, 13544, and on January 22, 13987.

The administration stated that during the past 24 hours it had recorded 274 new deaths from the disease, bringing the death toll from the pandemic in the country to the level of 10,194 deaths.

Portugal is thus witnessing unprecedented increases in the index of new deaths from the Corona virus for the sixth consecutive day, and on January 20 this number reached 219 cases, on January 21 221, and on January 22, 234.

This comes as Portugal’s hospitals, which have a population of 10 million, continue to contain a sharp increase in the number of patients while the authorities are considering tightening public restrictions to stop the spread of the disease after a general closure was imposed on January 14.

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