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Sunday January 17, 2021

Porsche sales exceed 272,162 cars in 2020 | World …

The German car manufacturer released numbers a few days ago sales The year 2020. Looking at everything, Porsche shipments worldwide totaled 272,162 new cars, just 3 percent less than the record set in 2019 of 280,800.

Detlev von Platten, Executive Board Member for Sales and Marketing at Porsche, said: “The Coronavirus crisis has been a major challenge from Spring 2020 onwards. However, we managed to keep the delivery relatively stable for the whole year. ”

Porsche sales in 2020

In the US alone, Porsche delivered 57,294 new cars last year, down 6.9 percent from 2019.

Perhaps Porsche’s biggest success story for 2020 was the allelectric Taycan sedan.

About 20,015 were sold in 2020, although production was halted for six weeks. While production rates were increasing to meet demand.

Porsche sales in 2020

To get a better understanding of the first successful fullyear Taycan model of the year, a total of 21,784 units of the 718 Boxster and Cayman models ran out last year.

Imagine what the total Taycan would have been like if it weren’t for the epidemic. On the other hand, chances are, that 718’s balance wouldn’t have changed much.

Even the iconic 911 made it to 2020 in good condition, with a total of 34,328 units delivered.

Porsche sales in 2020

The Cayenne had the highest order with sales of 92,860, an increase of 1 percent compared to 2019.

Outside North America, Porsche reported total European deliveries of 80,892 units, down 9 percent from 2019.

Porsche sales in 2020

In Germany, 26,152 cars were sold, down from 31,618. However, the China, Asia Pacific, Africa and Middle East markets saw an increase in deliveries.

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Sales in China increased by 3 percent and those other regions by 4 percent combined.

Porsche sales in 2020

It is noteworthy that Porsche launched the allnew electric Taycan in the Middle East in 2020 with a dazzling projection on the front of the Burj Khalifa, which is the largest display in the world.

The Taycan has been officially announced as the most innovative car in the world, thanks to being equipped with 27 new technologies, of which 13 are being introduced for the first time.

Watch the automotive world experience of the fully electric Porsche Taycan Turbo

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