Poisons in chicken

In our time, chickens are injected with steroids that accelerate their growth, and people use this substance at the present time for muscle growth, which affects their health, and makes them vulnerable to heart disease, chronic liver disease, and also causes them to have long-term physical and mental problems.

Steroids also contain stimulants that affect the hormone testosterone, which leads to the interference of these stimulants with the endocrine glands, and thus the secretion of hormones that cause the testicles to shrink and the number of sperms decrease, breast enlargement, weak sexual desire, male infertility, and the appearance of hair on the abdomen and a louder voice. Back, baldness, irregular or complete cessation of menstruation in females.

This substance also causes retardation in growth, the appearance of acne on the back in particular, and affects the heart and liver, and causes mental illnesses such as anger, aggression and suspicion, which leads some to commit suicide or depression.

Some fear that steroid injections may lead to AIDS and hepatitis (B, F, C).


Try as much as possible to stay away from the necks and wings of the chicken; Because chickens are injected with steroids through these two areas, which makes them rich in steroids that accelerate the body’s growth process, and thus the formation of ulcers in the woman’s uterus when they eat a lot, and they also affect hormones in women.

Poisons in chicken

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