God has secured us with many blessings and we have to be worthy of them, by obeying him and his love, and God’s love is to implement what he commanded us of the laws and beliefs, and to be his allies on earth as he commanded us, God’s love is manifested by performing our duties towards our religion, and here in this article I have collected verses for you Beautiful about God’s love.

Poetry verses about love for God

Abu Al-Anah

Hassan bin Thabit, may God be pleased with him

Abu Nawas

al-Emam Al Shafi

Abu Nawas


Abu al-Qasim bin al-Khatib

Sheikh Ismail Al-Zamzami

last verses

  • My God, do not torment me, for I acknowledge that which was of me.
  • I knew passion since I knew yours, and I closed my heart to anyone but you

Poetry verses about love for God

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