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PlayStation 5 price may exceed $ 470 and Sony is working on PSVR 2 (Report)

PlayStation 5 price may exceed $ 470 and Sony is working on PSVR 2 (Report)

It seems that Sony will be facing a new challenge with the next PlayStation 5 edition at the end of the year. According to the Bloomberg report, the lowest price for the fifth-generation version of the Sony console will be at a price of over $ 470.

While the Playstation 4 was launched at a lower price, with a noticeable difference of about $ 90, and at a price of $ 390, which could mean the difficulty of the company marketing its new device in some global markets.

The report stated that the Japanese company is making every effort to maintain a good and competitive price against the biggest opponent Xbox, indicating that it is striving to secure DRAM and flash memory in quantities required for the expanded manufacturing process of the upcoming PS5 units.

While the increase in price is due to the internal components of the PS5, which the company previously revealed and we talked about as well, as it will provide high performance and speed about 10 times more for the device than its PS4 predecessor, and thus you need a more efficient cooling system at a higher cost, which means increasing the total price of the device.

Perhaps the price of 470 at the lowest estimate for the PS5 may make a difference in the company’s sales level, knowing that Sony is benefiting from subscriptions to the PS Plus service by about one billion dollars annually from approximately 39 million subscribers, which means that even if the high price of the PS5 faces a backlash from consumers, there will be Chapter to compensate the gap in the amount of sales.

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On the other hand, given the high price of components and technologies used in modern electronic devices such as smartphones, game consoles, and others, it does not seem surprising or unexpected for the user, as Microsoft previously launched Xbox X at a price of $ 500.

In the context of the same topic, another report of the site indicated that Sony is working on a new version of the PSVR 2 virtual reality glasses, with the announcement that it will be after or with the launch of the PS5.

It is currently unclear what new design for the expected glasses or the internal components and support will have or will make a difference from the first version in the exclusive games provided by Sony.



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