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Saturday August 1, 2020

Pictures .. Sudan drowned after the collapse of the Butt Dam

The World – Sudan

The National Council of the Civil Defense in Sudan monitored a rise in the water level after the rains in different areas of the country.

The council said it is making great efforts in providing assistance, following up on forecasting and monitoring, and counting losses.

He asked citizens to be careful in dealing with electricity during the rain, and in driving in highways to avoid floods and preserve lives and property.

She called on the Ministry of Interior to take all steps of caution, especially those adjacent to the housing of the banks of the Nile and the residents of the flood areas.

The AP agency said that the heavy rains in the Blue Nile state in south-eastern Sudan led to the collapse of a dam and the destruction of hundreds of homes.

The local official in the state, Nusseibeh Farouq, told AFP that the dam collapsed on Thursday in the Bout region, which resulted in “600 houses being destroyed and others were flooded,” noting that the residents managed to leave their homes.

Farouk added: We have no accurate idea yet of the damages due to our inability to reach the area.

Local media indicated that the dam contained 5 million cubic meters of drinking and irrigation water.

Sudan usually experiences heavy rains between June and October, and the country annually faces the risk of floods.

The amount of rain came on the second day of the blessed Eid Al-Adha, which exceeded its rates, which caused the flooding of a number of fields and the roads were filled with water.

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To that, there was frequent information about thundering Seoul that swept some other areas in the north and was not left east, west or middle.

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