Wearing the founding day, we find With pictures via the content site, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is preparing during these days to receive the date of the National Foundation Day, which was issued by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques “Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud” in an official decision to be on the date of the twenty-second of this February, and this article will address the confusion The National Council for the Najd region, Saudi Arabia, for men, women and children.

The date of the Saudi founding day 2022

The date of the Saudi founding day for this year falls on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 and Rajab 21, 1443Perhaps one of the most prominent things that prompted the founding king, “Salman bin Abdulaziz” to choose such a timing, is its coincidence with the same date on which Imam “Muhammad bin Saud bin Muhammad bin Muqrin” took over the rule of the kingdom to take the Diriyah region as its capital, and the Imam was keen “Muhammad” – may God rest his soul – has indeed raised the conditions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through his work on regulating the economic conditions in it as much as possible, and this also comes in addition to his undertaking of many expansions within the Kingdom. Officially to celebrate this day to deepen the sense of pride and pride within the people of the country.

Wearing the founding day, we find

The city of Najd is considered one of the most famous Saudi regions, which is very popular in the whole world. It is located in the middle of the Kingdom, where it is bordered by wide sandy deserts from the north, east and south. It is worth saying here that it is one of the most important regions in the Kingdom, rising from about 700 to 1500 meters above sea level, and these next few lines will look at the national clothes and costumes of its citizens on the founding day, whether for men, women or children, with illustrations:[1]

  • Men’s founding day wear: Men in the central Najd region wear the dakhla, the ghutra, and the iqal, which is finally placed on the head.
  • Founding Day dress for women: Women in Najd wear the maqtaa, the belt, the shayla, and the burqa, which is used to hide the face.

Wearing the founding day, we find

  • Children’s founding day dress: Male children in the Najd region wear thawb, al-Muhazm, al-Daqla, al-Ghutra and al-Aqal, while girls wear al-Bakhqiq or al-Makhqaq as the Saudis call it.

Wearing the founding day, we find

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Saudi Foundation Day Dressing Guide PDF

The Saudi Foundation Day is one of the most important national days that Saudis eagerly await this year, as it is the first year in which this occasion is celebrated in accordance with the decision of King “Salman bin Abdulaziz” – may God prolong his life. Therefore, the official page of the Foundation Day website has been issued A complete guide to fashion and clothing for this day, whether for men, women or children in all different regions of the Kingdom, and this guide can be found in full and in detail “from here”.

Saudi founding day logo

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced an innovative slogan for its National Foundation Day which is “Hanna is fatAs it is expected that this logo will be used in all festive events that will be held inside the Kingdom, and this logo includes a number of various symbols, the most important of which are highlighted in the date symbol, which refers to the goodness that fills the pure lands of the Kingdom, and the market symbol that expresses The economic progress that the Kingdom is experiencing, as well as the symbol of goodness that reflects the qualities of chivalry, courage and strength that distinguish the sons of the country, and finally the symbol of the Council, which expresses the most beautiful feelings of lofty national unity that every Saudi citizen feels.

Saudi founding day logo

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Ideas to celebrate Saudi Foundation Day 2022

A bouquet of the most beautiful ideas proposed to celebrate the Saudi Foundation Day for the year 2022, we present them to you as follows:

  • Enjoy the huge discounts and offers offered by all the malls and international brands in the Kingdom.
  • Watching historical films about the Kingdom, which illustrate the most important achievements of the great kings throughout history.
  • Watch the air flight shows and fireworks displays that will be organized for this year by the state.
  • Visiting family and relatives and sharing the joy and happiness of this National Day by eating the most famous types of Saudi sweets.

In conclusion, this article will have you seen photos Wearing the founding day, we find For the year 1443, this also comes in addition to presenting a distinguished set of the most beautiful ideas that can be used in the celebration of this National Day.

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