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Tuesday December 31, 2019

Pictures .. A woman holds the hand of the Pope of the Vatican and pulls him tightly in St. Peter’s Square

Pope Francis, who seemed resentful, was forced to rid his hand with difficulty of the grip of a woman who gravitated him as he passed a crowd lined up to greet him in St. Peter’s Square on Tuesday evening..After the Pope shook hands with a child while walking on the square in the Vatican City, they were moving away from the crowd, but a close woman grabbed his hand and suddenly pulled her to her..

The pain appeared on the face of the Pope as he quickly released his hand.

It was not clear what the woman said to the Pope during and after his departure from it.

A woman who attracts Pope Francis
A woman who attracts Pope Francis

Pope Francis presided over this evening, Tuesday, sunset prayer at St. Peter’s Church in the Vatican in Rome. This comes hours before the end of 2019 and the start of a new year 2020. And the sunset prayer or “eleventh hour” speaks of the revelation of the body of Christ from Cross. And during it, the worshipers pray to God and thank him for his care.

Last Sunday, Pope Francis performed the Angelus prayers with the delegations of the pilgrims and the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square, and he told them about this Sunday’s celebration of the Holy Family of Nazareth..

The Pope pointed out that the phrase “holy” enters this family within the environment of holiness that is a gift from God, but at the same time it is a free and responsible response to his plan, and this is what happened with the family of Nazareth, which was completely submissive to God’s will..

The Pope asked how we can not be surprised by Mary’s meekness towards the work of the Holy Spirit, who was asked to become the mother of Christ? Maryam, like every young girl, wanted to fulfill her life project and married with Joseph, but when she realized that God was inviting her to a special mission, she did not hesitate to consider herself a “nation.”“.

And he added: Because she is obedient to God and not being her mother, “Blessed are those who hear the word of God and know it.” When Mary did not fully understand the events that she experienced, she silently contemplated the divine initiative, she contemplated and prostrated to her, and her presence at the cross exemplifies this complete readiness.

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