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Monday January 20, 2020

Pichai urges the need to regulate the use of artificial intelligence technologies

Pichai urges the need to regulate the use of artificial intelligence technologies

Alfabit Executive Director Sandar Bishay called for the necessity of regulating the use of artificial intelligence under clear clauses and materials that guarantee its use without harming users by misusing it.

Pichai’s invitation came during an event held in the Belgian capital, Brussels, on Monday, where he said, “There is no issue wandering in my mind except that artificial intelligence needs to be regulated; but this does not mean that we start from scratch or put entirely new laws.”

While Beshay touched during his talk of techniques of artificial intelligence, citing examples of the strength and effectiveness of these tools, which are greatly beneficial, but noting the possibility of their negative effects.

As for the materials and how to organize, it is clear from his speech that depend on the laws followed by Google in this field, where he said that the systems that the company has set up in the field of artificial intelligence give priority to the safety and privacy of people.

Pointing out that the company does not employ the means of artificial intelligence in the service of control devices and the suppression of freedoms or a violation of human rights; in addition to not selling Google facial recognition technologies to government agencies and institutions as did its competitions in the market such as Amazon and Microsoft.



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