It is defined as what pertains to the individual in terms of characteristics and behavioral patterns that determine his own way of adapting to the environment, which are genetic traits and patterns, or acquired from the method of education, or the cultural heritage in which he grew up, whether within his family or in the neighborhood in which he lives, and it is possible to explain Personality is a blending between the genes of the individual and the method of education, and this blending results in behavior, and this behavior varies according to the age stage that the individual is going through, and this blending also results in the character of the personality, either to be a stubborn, violent, sensitive, or suspicious personality and others It should be noted that the circumstances surrounding the individual, especially in the early stages of his life, were greatly and clearly affected by his behavior.

Character types and their analysis

stubborn personality

The owners of this personality are distinguished by their ignoring the views of others, and they do not want to listen to them, and they deal harshly with those around them.

chatty personality

Those who have this type of personalities have feelings that they are very important, and they talk a lot about anything, whether they have information about it or not, and they often talk about things that are not related to the topic, so they often put themselves in the circle of embarrassment and error. , and this segment of the characters have a wide imagination to prove their point.

The hesitant personality

Owners of this character often show signs of shyness, fear and anxiety, and find it difficult to make any decision, no matter how easy, and they lack confidence in themselves, and also prefer to be bound by a set of rules, regulations and systems, and always ask for more data, and these people, lose themselves if they are placed in the midst of many alternatives.

transcendental personality

This category of personalities always see that the environment around them is less than their competence and less than their position, and that they deserve more prestigious places, and they treat others with superiority; Because they see that they are the best, and they often criticize others and mention the negative aspects of those around them in front of the crowd for the purpose of embarrassing them.

Sincere personality

The owners of this personality are distinguished by their strong affiliation with the environment in which they are present, as it is at the highest levels of integration with friends, and they have a fertile imagination for fantasies when they feel betrayal or fear of their relationship with one of them.

accomplished personality

Those who possess this personality raise the slogan of achievement and prove their merit, and they are distinguished by their ability to compete, and confront all those who accuse them of not having the competence required to complete a task, and their ability to make a decision, and they are distinguished by their great knowledge of all the circumstances surrounding them.

Character types and their analysis

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