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Tuesday June 15, 2021

Paypal will allow you to pay using electronic currencies

Paypal is a giant company in the field of electronic payment, and it is considered one of the first electronic money companies, which facilitated many users around the world with financial transactions and various payment operations.

In the past, PayPal supports electronic currencies and allows you to keep them within your account on the site and also trade them from selling, transferring and buying and now it will allow users in the United States to pay using electronic currencies.

This means that when you choose the payment option on any site and choose PayPal, three options will appear for you to pay, either from your bank card, your bank account, or bitcoins and those that you own in your account.

You will also not need to convert from electronic currencies to regular currencies, as the company will take care of this matter for you, but if you request a refund process, the company will return the money to you in the form of ordinary dollars and not electronic currencies.

This feature will initially be available in the United States due to the government’s support and approval to deal with electronic currencies, but it is expected that we will see this feature appear in the rest of the countries that support electronic currencies.

Of course, the situation in Egypt is a little different, as the Central Bank decided to criminalize dealing in any form with electronic currencies and it became a crime punishable by law.

This step is not the first in the recent period, and it is one of the various steps that many companies around the world are taking to increase support for electronic currency services, such as Visa, which will allow you to pay debts using some electronic currencies, and Tesla, which allows you to buy its cars and pay using electronic currencies.

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This support will make the prices of electronic currencies rise and begin to stabilize, especially with the increase of companies that decide, such as Paypal, to support the currency and make it legal.


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