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Tuesday October 27, 2020

Pashinyan: The Armenians will counterstrike in time

World – Central Asia

In a speech to the citizens on Tuesday evening, Pashinyan said that the Karabakh Republic has sufficient quantities of weapons for the resistance and that “the people of Artsakh Karabakh and all the Armenians will fight, and the counter-strike against the enemy will be timely and devastating for him.”

Pashinyan noted that “the terrorist forces of Azerbaijan and Turkey” tried “to bring the Republic of Karabakh to its knees, which is still standing despite its wounds.”

He continued, “We have many enemies in the world, but we also have many friends who have stood and will stand by.”

He also mentioned that Azerbaijan’s rejection of the method of reciprocal concessions “legitimized our right to fight for our rights and freedom.”

He added that the international community’s position on the Karabakh issue has changed substantially, and that “global actors consider Azerbaijan and Turkey an aggressor.”

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