Hard Disk

The hard disk, or what is called a hard disk for many people, is a main data storage unit in the computer, and it is used to store and retrieve digital information from and on fast-spinning disks “hard disk drive”, and often consists of magnetic disks that rotate and an electromagnetic pickup reads and writes From and to the magnetic surface, where each hard disk is distinguished from the other in storage capacity and rotation speed, and through this article we will introduce you to the practical and easy steps in partitioning the hard disk without formatting.

How to partition a hard disk without formatting

The first step

The second step

A page appears with options, and at the bottom of the options we choose disk management in Windows.

The third step

The fourth step

We are presented with options to choose to shrink volume.

Fifth step

We specify the size that we want to free from the disk, and the disk size is measured in megabytes, for example, if we want 30 megabytes of space we write 30,000 units.

Sixth step

Seventh step

Eighth step

Right-click on the new disk, and select new simple volume.

ninth step

tenth step

Eleventh step

Divide the new disk into different small spaces as we wanted in the same way as before.

Twelfth step

Complete the process of partitioning the hard disk without formatting, without deleting any data or files, while preserving the copy of Windows on the computer.

Note After completing all the previous steps in the correct way, we have succeeded in the process of partitioning the hard disk without resorting to formatting or using programs.

Types of hard disks

  • SATA hard disks.
  • SCSI hard disks.
  • ide hard disks.


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Partition the hard disk without formatting

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