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Friday February 28, 2020

Paris summons the Malian ambassador after accusing the French soldiers of “excesses” in Bamako

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The French Foreign Ministry announced on Thursday that it summoned the financial ambassador to Paris Toumani Djemie Diallo to express France’s “discontent” over his statements Wednesday before the defense committee in the French parliament, in which he accused the French foreign corps of committing “abuses” in Bamako.

On Thursday, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Mali’s ambassador to Paris after questioning his performance French soldiers And accusing them of committing “abuses” in Bamako, according to what the French News Agency learned from the ministry.

A source in the ministry stated, “We expressed to him our indignation over his baseless and shocking statements issued by an ally in the fight against terrorism.” He added, “The messages we receive from the financial authorities are aligned with the frankness of the statements.”

On Wednesday, Ambassador Toumane Djemie Diallo condemned the French Senate’s defense committee for the “problems” posed by the French foreign legion in his country, and condemned what he described as “excesses” in the capital, Bamako.

“Sometimes, on the streets of Bamako … you will find them, their bodies are covered in tattoos and they present an image that we do not know about (the French) army. It is exciting and puzzles,” Diallo said.

The office of the French military minister, Florence Barley, responded on Thursday that “this skepticism is not only wrong, but unacceptable.”


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