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Wednesday January 13, 2021

Panorama … the aggression against Syria and the tension between Sudan and Ethiopia

World – panorama

In the first panorama file A field military source in Syria revealed to the world that Damascus and its allies were aware of the Israeli raids on eastern Syria more than a month before they took place, indicating that the enemy aircraft crossed over the American Al-Tanf base, announcing the death of a Syrian soldier and wounding fourteen others. A senior American official announced that the Israeli raids were based on American information and that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed them with the head of Israeli intelligence, Yossi Cohen, in Washington.

In the second panorama file Military tension between Sudan and Ethiopia carries with it the risk of an explosion between the two parties, after an Ethiopian military plane penetrated the Sudanese airspace. Khartoum described the incident as a dangerous escalation, warning Addis Ababa of dangerous consequences. On the other hand, Ethiopia accused Sudan of exploiting its preoccupation with the internal battles in the Tigray region to occupy Ethiopian territory, warning also of its impatience over what it said was Khartoum’s continued military build-up in a disputed border area.

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