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Monday October 26, 2020

Pakistan asks to prevent the content offensive to Islam on Facebook

The Pakistani government issued an official letter from the Prime Minister – Omran Khan To the founder of Facebook and the administrative company that runs the platform to demand the removal of anti-Islam content that encourages extremism and the persecution of Muslims.

The message came in its text in an amicable form, but it is considered an official request directed by the Islamic countries’ government to the company. The government even published it through its official Twitter account.


The government said that the phenomenon of terror from Islam and Islamists – Islamophobia – began to spread strongly in Western countries and this phenomenon is what makes artists and other residents of the Western world be exposed to Islam and Islamic symbols through offensive drawings such as those recently appeared or even through exposure to aggression against Muslims residing in these Countries.

The government called on the Facebook platform to deal with the phenomenon of Islamophobia as if it was dealing with the Holocaust. The platform decided to prevent anyone from exposure to this phenomenon and to prohibit any justification or content related to skepticism and justification for it.

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The message added that the platform should prohibit all content that encourages racism, regardless of the person being exposed to this racism, in order not to make it seem as if it is okay to be exposed to a group of people without others.

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