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Oxandrine tablets(Oxandrin) To promote muscle tissue growth. Learn about the uses of this drug in detail, its appropriate dose, the side effects that can result from it, its price in the market, contraindications to the use of the drug, and a lot of important information about it.

What are Oxandrin Tablets?

What is Oxandrin Tablets?
What is Oxandrin Tablets?

They are tablets used with a special diet to regain lost weight after major surgeries, chronic infections, or severe trauma, and they have many other uses. This drug mimics the steroid hormone naturally produced in the human body, which is responsible for promoting the building and growth of muscle tissue.

Generic name of the drug oxandrolone;
Brand Names Oxandrin.
drug classification Androgens and anabolic steroids.
Pharmaceutical Forms discs.
drug manufacturer —–

Reasons for using Oxandrin

This medication may be used to treat the following conditions:

  • This medication is used to help people who cannot gain weight for unknown reasons.
  • It can also be used to help regain lost weight in certain medical conditions such as:
    • After surgery.
    • Severe trauma.
    • Chronic infection.
    • Chronic infections.
    • Long-term use of certain corticosteroid treatments, such as prednisone.
  • To reduce bone pain in patients with osteoporosis.
  • Reduces muscle loss caused by steroid medication use.

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The 5 most common contraindications to the use of Oxandrine

There are some cases in which it is contraindicated to use Oxandrin tablets, which are:

  • If the patient is allergic to oxandrolone, which is the active substance in this medicine.
  • This medicine should not be used by pregnant women.
  • Breast and prostate cancer patients should not take this medicine.
  • A patient with advanced kidney disease should not take this treatment.
  • Patients with high levels of calcium should also not use the medicine.

Important tips before taking Oxandrine

Important tips before taking Oxandrine
Important tips before taking Oxandrine

Here are the most popular tips to take with this medicine:

  1. The patient must inform the doctor before taking the drug if:
    • He suffers from high cholesterol.
    • He has no liver problems.
    • He was diagnosed with diabetes.
    • He has a history of any heart disease.
    • He suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
    • He has thyroid disorders.
    • Has a history of stroke or blood clots.
    • He is taking any blood-thinning medications such as: Warfarin, Coumadin, Jantoven.
  2. A woman who is taking this medicine should tell her doctor if she becomes pregnant with this medicine.
  3. An effective contraceptive should be used with this medicine. Because it causes birth defects.
  4. Do not share this medicine with other patients, especially those with a history of drug addiction or abuse.
  5. The treatment should be taken at the same time daily; to achieve the desired results.

Older men may be more likely to develop prostate cancer when taking this medicine.

pregnancy and breastfeeding

Pregnant women should not take this medicine; Because it causes abnormalities in the fetus. As for the breastfeeding woman, she must refer to the doctor before taking the drug; Because it is not known whether this medicine passes into breast milk or not, only a doctor can weigh the risks and benefits and suggest alternatives to breastfeeding when needed.

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How to take Oxandrin?

This medicine can be taken correctly and without side effects by following the following:

  • The patient must adhere to the instructions and instructions that the doctor prescribes for the patient with this medication.
  • Children who take this medicine should have an X-ray every 6 months. To detect their overgrowth of bone.
  • Your doctor will usually order multiple tests such as: blood tests and kidney function with this medicine.
  • The weight of children who take this medicine should be monitored.
  • The patient must adhere to the time recommended by the doctor, and not increase it until after referring to the doctor.
  • This medicine can be taken after food or with milk if the patient complains of stomach pain.

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Dosages of Oxandrin

The doses prescribed by the doctor vary based on many factors such as the patient’s weight, health condition, and other factors:

  • The usual adult dose for weight loss treatment

The used dose of this drug ranges between (2.5-20) milligrams, this dose is divided into two to four times daily, and the treatment period extends to 4 weeks according to the doctor’s recommendations.

  • Appropriate dosage for elderly patients suffering from weight loss and osteoporosis

The recommended dose for the elderly is 5 mg twice daily.

  • Appropriate children’s dosage

The dose ranges between (0.1 – 1) mg / kg of the child’s weight, and this dose can be repeated intermittently.

What do you do if you forget to take a dose?

The patient can make up for the missed dose if there is a time interval between it and what follows, but if there is no time interval and the patient remembers it at a later date, he must take one dose and not double the dose.

What do you do if you take an overdose?

It is necessary to ask the doctor in this case to take the appropriate instructions, or to go to the hospital and seek help.

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Actions to avoid while taking this medicine

The most common actions to avoid with the drug:

  1. This medicine should not be taken to enhance athletic performance.
  2. The drug should not be given to any patient without consulting the doctor.
  3. Follow the doctor’s instructions for food and drink.

Oxandrin side effects

The most common side effects that may occur with this medicine are:

  • Signs that the patient is allergic to the active substance, such as: difficulty breathing, swelling of the lips and throat.
  • Swelling in the feet, and weight gain.
  • Active acne appears at the start of treatment
  • Impotence and a decrease in the amount of semen.
  • Liver problems such as stomach pain, loss of appetite, yellow eyes, dark urine and stools.
  • Difficulty and pain in urination.
  • High level of calcium in the blood accompanied by: constipation, vomiting, increased thirst and urination, pain in muscles and joints, feeling confused.
  • The appearance of some signs of masculinity on women who take this treatment.
  • Disruption of the menstrual cycle.
  • Chest and chin hair growth in men.
  • breast swelling
  • sleep problems;

These are the most important side effects that have been reported with this medication, which warrant immediate medical attention to deal with the side effects or stop the medication. The patient must also inform the doctor of any other strange effects that appeared on him since the beginning of taking the drug.

Drugs that interact with Oxandrine

Drugs that interact with Oxandrine
Drugs that interact with Oxandrine

This medicine can interact with some other medicines that the patient is taking and both affect each other. Therefore, it is necessary to take a list of drugs to the doctor during his visit; To study the possible interactions that may occur containing prescribed medicines including medicines for chronic diseases, non-prescription diseases, herbs and vitamins.

Alternative medicines to Oxandrin

Anavar is an alternative medicine that can be used in place of Oxandrine after consulting your doctor.

Oxandrin price in local markets

The price of a box of Oxandrin medicine that contains 100 tablets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is about 170 Saudi riyals, which is equivalent to 834 Egyptian pounds. It is also priced internationally as a pack of 100 tablets of 2.5 mg costs about $480.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oxandrin

How can Oxandrin tablets be stored correctly and safely?

These tablets must be kept on a shelf at room temperature, away from sun and moisture.

What concentrations of Oxandrine tablets are on the market?

There are two concentrations of this drug, 2.5 mg and 10 mg.

In the end, Oxandrin tablets are one of the most popular treatments that promote muscle growth in patients who have undergone special conditions such as: surgery. The patient should not share this medicine with others, and adhere to the doctor’s instructions and instructions to avoid any other problems with the medicine.