Over 1000 Rooms Available as Two All-Inclusive Resorts Open Side by Side in Cancun

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Hyatt Hotels Corporation is upgrading its resort experience by combining two large properties in Cancun, the Hyatt Vivid Grand Island and the Dreams Grand Island, to create a brand new resort complex with new all-inclusive concepts. This project is expected to become a desirable destination for all kinds of travelers when it opens in 2024.

The Changing Face of All-Inclusive Hotels

The all-inclusive hotel experience has changed over the years, and more and more globetrotters are interested in this kind of accommodation in 2023. Travelers want to feel pampered and taken care of, and newer resorts have everything to meet all their guests’ needs. Large resort corporations have included new services, more luxury, and new activities to the all-inclusive experience to make it even more remarkable and truly make guests feel like they are in paradise.

Hyatt Hotels Corporation’s New Resort Complex

Hyatt Hotels Corporation is one of the hospitality companies upgrading their resort experience. It recently announced a brand new resort complex with new all-inclusive concepts in Cancun. The complex will combine and connect two large properties, the Hyatt Vivid Grand Island and the Dreams Grand Island. Owners and managers expect that this huge project will become a desirable destination for all kinds of travelers. Both properties will open in 2024, joining the all-inclusive collection of the hotel chain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What are the benefits of staying at an all-inclusive resort?
Staying at an all-inclusive resort means that everything is taken care of, from meals, drinks, and entertainment to some activities, excursions, and amenities. This can save travelers from worrying about additional costs, currency exchanges, or tipping.

2. What kind of activities are typically included in all-inclusive resorts?
All-inclusive resorts offer various types of activities, such as watersports, fitness classes, games and tournaments, kids’ clubs, and entertainment shows. Some resorts may also provide additional adventures or facilities at extra fees.

3. Are there any downsides to all-inclusive resorts?
One potential downside of all-inclusive resorts is that it might limit the traveler’s experiences and exploration outside the resort’s premises. Additionally, some resorts may have hidden fees, crowded areas, or limited dining options.

4. What should I consider before booking an all-inclusive resort?
Travelers should evaluate their travel budget, preferences, and expectations. They should research the resort’s reputation, location, amenities, reviews, and policies before booking. It’s important to understand what’s included and what’s not, as well as to communicate dietary restrictions or specific requests in advance.

5. How can I get the most out of my all-inclusive resort experience?
To get the most out of an all-inclusive resort experience, travelers should plan ahead and make reservations for any additional experiences or facilities they want to use. They should try different activities, taste new cuisines, and seek entertainment outside their comfort zone. They may also join local tours or volunteer programs to explore the destination’s culture and community.