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Tuesday October 20, 2020

Other than TikTok … 6 Chinese-owned social media apps that you may use daily

The Internet gives, and the Internet can take too. But in this case, the government will take. After the American government announced that it is studying “seriously” Block Chinese-owned social media appsAnd which Among them is Tik TokSecretary of State Mike Pompeo said, “Regarding Chinese cell phone applications, I assure you that the United States will succeed in confronting this as well. I do not want to precede the president, but we are studying it.”

but why? The US government believes that the Chinese government collects and uses US resident user data for malicious purposes. But a TikTok spokesman said accordingly To CNN“Tik Tok is led by an American CEO, and has hundreds of employees and key leaders in the US security, safety, product, and public policy sectors. There is no more important priority for us than promoting a safe and secure experience for our users. We have never provided any user data to the Chinese government, and we will not do if you ask us. “

What are China-owned social media apps?

Of course, TikTok isn’t the only Chinese-owned social media app, here are some popular apps that are based in China.

1. Likee

Likee, or formerly LIKE, is owned by Bigo and, like TikTok, is an app for making and sharing short videos.

2. Helo

Helo is a social networking app owned by Bytedance, the company that owns TikTok, and has 40 million users as of 2019.

3. Kwai

Also known as Kuaishou, this is another short video app that closely resembles Tik Tok.

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4. Weibo

Weibo, or Sina Weibo, is similar to Facebook in China. It has 445 million users, and they interact with each other on a daily basis. It is partly owned by Alibaba, the Chinese equivalent of “Amazon”.

5. LiveMe

A video chatting platform that describes itself as a “broadcast community”. It is very similar to Instagram and Facebook Live. And you can make money from the LiveMe app via electronic payments.

6. WeChat

It is basically Chinese WhatsApp, a messaging system that allows you to send multimedia files, and make or receive payments.

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