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Sunday February 28, 2021

Operation Deterrence 5 in conjunction with progress in Marib + video

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Once again, the vital Saudi military installations are the scene of Yemeni forces ’fire, with new offensive operations that are the largest in the Saudi depth in recent weeks for the air force and missile force.

According to the military statement, the operation was called the Fifth Balance of Deterrence, and it targeted sensitive sites in the regions of Riyadh, Abha and Khamis Mushait, causing precise injuries.

The Yemeni threat and the previous massive Yemeni attacks on the Saudi rear, Sanaa says that as part of the response to the escalation of the aggression coalition and its continued siege, as well as the escalation of its forces for their military operations in the Ma’rib front, where the Yemeni forces and the popular committees continue to advance towards the city center from several paths.

With the intensification of the battles in the vicinity of the city of Ma’rib, the joint forces succeeded in stabilizing their positioning and expanding in new sites and heights on the outskirts of the city, amid great losses to the Saudi coalition forces, evidenced by the fall of dozens of their members and their military leaders, including the commander of the so-called Special Forces Abdul Ghani al-Shaalan, who was recognized by the Hadi government. He was killed, and his body was shared with other leaders.

This military superiority of Sanaa on its multiple fronts internally and externally is an indication, in the opinion of many, of its imposition of a new military equation that might force the Saudi coalition to stop its ongoing aggression and blockade.

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For more, you have the attached video.

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