Ontology is a science?, Where there are many different types of science through which everything that exists on the surface of the earth is studied, such as chemistry, physics, biology and many other sciences, and in the coming lines we will talk about the answer to this question as we will learn about the most important information about this science and many other information about this topic in detail.

Ontology is a science

Ontology is a science insectsas this science is a major section of zoology, which is concerned with the study of insects, their characteristics and types, as insects belong to the animal kingdom, and although each group of insects differs from other groups, they have common characteristics because they belong to the same The family, and the specialized people who study this science are called entomologists, as these scientists are interested in many topics related to insects, such as the anatomy of their body and the parts that make up the body, as well as the physiology of insects, as it studies the classification of insects and arthropods and the most important differences between The different types of insects and the characteristics that distinguish them from each other, as insects have a physical structure that helps them breathe, adapt, adapt, feed, reproduce and other things that are done through the structure of the body, and they also have many behavioral skills that are studied by this science.[1]

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The main characteristics of insects

Insects are characterized by a set of important characteristics and features through which insects can be distinguished from other animals. The most important characteristics of insects are:[1]

  • Insects have a body divided into three parts, the head, thorax, and abdomen.
  • Insects are distinguished by the fact that their bodies have bilateral symmetry, as the right part is similar to the left part in terms of the number and shape of the organs.
  • The stomach area of ​​insects contains a digestive system and a reproductive system.
  • Insects have compound antennae and eyes.

How do insects feed?

The way in which insects feed varies according to their species, as there are herbivorous insects that feed on plants, where they eat stems, leaves, fruits and seeds, and there are other types of insects known as carnivores, as these insects feed on insects smaller than them in size, and there are some insects that It feeds on blood.[1]

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Finally, we have answered a question Ontology is a science?, We also learned the most important information about insects, their characteristics, how to feed them, and many other information on this topic in detail.

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