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Wednesday July 15, 2020

Online car hit record highs in June

Car platform announced record sales in June through its website He twice exceeded his previous sales figures. This is due to the significant increase in car buying activity before the newly announced sales tax increase decision in Saudi Arabia entered into force on July 1.

The increased activity on the site contributed to the rise in dealing with the service Online car To buy cars through e-commerce. The company sold 420 vehicles via the e-commerce service with a total value of 25 million riyals ($ 6.6 million), an increase of more than 3 times the previous month.

Besides the e-commerce service, the company’s classified ads platform has been able to link more than 300 thousand buyers with car shows through phone calls and WhatsApp conversations in June. The platform also enabled exhibitions and individual vendors to sell 77,000 cars, for a total value of 6.7 billion riyals ($ 1.7 billion).

Online car service was initially focused on selling new cars. The parent company’s relations at the time helped reach hundreds of car showrooms in the Kingdom, which provided the company’s ability to enable buyers to get the best competitive prices when searching for their future cars through an online car, she says.

And recently, the company added used cars to the online car service, as it aims to empower buyers of used cars through a service that is reliable and quality without fear of being cheated. To achieve these goals, it has established a specialized team for the selection of used cars in good condition, to be examined thoroughly and comprehensively. Like new cars, consumers can check used cars online and make a purchase through the e-commerce experience.

The huge demand contributes to improving the services of car online

The company says in its statement: “The increased demand in June for online service in both categories, new and used cars, gives the company a strong incentive to continue improving the online car and investing in it to get the idea of ​​buying cars through e-commerce to greater numbers and successes.”

Online service was launched in Saudi Arabia before the end of 2018 aiming to enable buyers interested in technology and the Internet to buy their cars online while they are in their homes with ease. Where the buyer through the site can browse cars via the Internet, and track the reservation process, insurance, registration, up to the shipment of the car.

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