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Friday August 7, 2020

OnePlus users will be able to play PUBG at a frame rate of 90fps

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OnePlus phones will be able to play the PUBG game at a high frame rate, becoming the first game on mobile phones that support a frame rate above 60fps. This is very good for fans of games on smart phones, as this point was greatly reducing mobile phones. But it looks much closer. What do we know? And will PUBG be exclusive at frame rate on OnePlus only? Let’s discuss a little

What do we know?

  • The company confirmed that the game has become supportive of the high frame rate in some of its phones
  • The 8, 8 Pro, 7T, 7T Pro and 7 Pro phones support high frame rate
  • This option is available and exclusive to the company’s phones until September 1st

OnePlus phones and high frame rate in PUBG

After a period of development, the PUBG game became the first mobile game to support high frame rates, starting with OnePlus phones and exclusively on them until next September, this will give you a better gaming experience than before. As the game increases in the frame rate, it increases in smoothness. Thus, the gameplay experience will be very good. This is the first explicit use of the high refresh rate on Android screens at all. As there has been no actual use of these screens until today.

OnePlus users will be able to play PUBG at a rate of 90fps 1

Supportive devices

All OnePlus devices support high frame rate in PUBG, provided that the screens support high refresh rate. That is, all phones after the 7 Pro will support this feature. Phones like Nord and OnePlus 6 family will not support this feature. And that is until the first of September. After September, PUBG intends to release this feature to other phones that support high refresh rates. Like the Galaxy S20, his family, and the Galaxy Note 20 in both versions. ASUS gaming phones, ZTE, Pixel 4 and Realme 6 phones, and other devices that support high refresh rates.


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