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Monday January 13, 2020

OnePlus phones will come with Fluid Display at 120Hz

OnePlus revealed the specifications of its upcoming phones, which will be with Fluid Display technology, with a speed of 120 Hz.

OnePlus phones will come with Fluid Display at 120Hz

After talking about its intention to reveal the details of the future screen of its upcoming phones a few days ago, OnePlus posted on its website the details of the Fluid Display screens that will accompany OnePlus 8 phones during the current year, so that it takes users to a new level of fast and smooth screens in displaying photos, videos and games with speed Up to 120 Hz.

Fluid Display technology has a seamless display name, and we watched it at 90Hz with OnePlus 7 Pro.

As the previous screen was one of the best screens of phones during 2019, but with a frequency of 120 Hz we will see it much better during 2020.

OnePlus says that it cooperated with Samsung to produce new screens, which are of the type AMOLED, to be the best screen in the current year, but we may see this screen or stronger than it with Samsung itself at the beginning when launching the series of phones S20 or S11 within the conference that was announced in 11 Next February.

According to OnePlus, the new monitors will come at a 7% faster rate than the previous generation, and a sensitivity of 240Hz.

It will also come with 1.07 billion different colors and about 1,024 shades for each major color, supported by 10-bit color technology, to provide a unique experience.

It is noteworthy that most videos in the world are filmed at a speed of less than 60 frames per second, but the games on the other side need more speed to reach a higher level of presentation, the higher the screen speed, the higher the quality of the display.

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Perhaps, just as we saw a war at the level of cameras recently, we will see others at the level of screens, especially with increased interest in games.


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