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Wednesday March 25, 2020

OnePlus launches OnePlus Pay, starting from China

OnePlus Pay was officially launched from OnePlus after a period of talk and start from the home country, China.

OnePlus officially announced the launch of the OnePlus Pay electronic payment service, which it had talked about last year during the launch of the OnePlus 7T phone and indicated its desire to launch it during 2020. The company did not disappoint, and indeed it launched its service but in the home country China until this moment.

The new payment service is only available with OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro so far, and it is used via the two phones electronic wallet application.

OnePlus Pay is based on NFC technology, through which payment is made through the payment points of different stores.

The service provides support for private credit cards for a number of Chinese banks and financial institutions at its current launch location, but it is expected to support new banks during the coming period, along with expansion to several other countries along the lines of different payment services. But so far, OnePlus has not announced specific dates for the service to appear in second regions.

The service is currently compatible with the Android-based HydrogenOS operating system, and therefore difficult to work with any other company’s phones.

The OnePlus service is similar to what Apple provided, and then Google and Samsung with distinct payment services on its various phones.



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