Features of contemporary media Which at the present time is transferring and communicating information at a high speed between different parts of the earth using many of the latest technical means based on modern technology. Media used in the modern era.

Features of contemporary media

Features of contemporary media It is that every new information cancels out the previous informationContemporary media has a set of features that made it unique from other traditional media through its use of the latest contemporary technological technologies and the best advanced electronic devices, with which the media has become transcontinental and liberated from being subject to the authority of the unified state, which is often directed in line with the vision of The ruling class in the country, with the contemporary media, many politicians were able to express their opinions opposing the trends of their governments, and others were able to present their projects, and present their views on various topics in life, and contemporary media currently includes radio and television stations, websites and social media platforms. .

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Contemporary media concept

The concept of contemporary media means that it is the media that emerged due to the development of the old traditional media, and it is the media that humans use in the current era to manage society, where social media platforms constitute a large part of it, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and sometimes What’s up, the influence of the media on criminal justice policies, public opinion and support for government ideologies and policies, in addition to its influence on popular culture, its impact on societal perceptions of moral values ​​and crimes, and directing the reactions of certain segments of society, especially groups of children and youth who usually They are breaking the law.[1]

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The most prominent features and characteristics of contemporary media

The most prominent features of the contemporary media used in the current era are:

  • Media digitization: It means using the latest technological communication techniques and the most advanced electronic devices to deliver information.
  • Freedom from state power: Contemporary media are not subject to the rules and regulations set by the government that restrict the orientation of the media.
  • Storage and retrieval at maximum capacity: Contemporary media enable the use of equipment and technologies that allow storing large amounts of information and retrieval when needed in order to present and analyze information.

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