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Saturday August 15, 2020

On the anniversary of its seventh launch, Telegram celebrates adding video calls to everyone

The owner of the communication and conversations application Telegram celebrated its seventh anniversary by adding a long-awaited feature to the application, which is video chats in its trial version for all users on the Android and iOS operating systems, after it was available in a limited way a few days ago.

Where the company clarified that starting video chats with friends on its application has become available; By entering the contact file and pressing the video icon as the following video shows, the video playback can be controlled and closed at any time during the audio call without any consequences:

Video calls via the application support the PIP feature – picture-in-picture – as is the case with the video content displayed on the platform; This allows working on more than one front and multitasking at the same time from chatting, tracking channels and video chatting.

On the security side, the company said that video calls are protected within the end-to-end encryption feature, and the call allows to verify the safety of the process by comparing confirmation between the emoji appearing on the two parties to the conversation. Which if they match the call is 100% secure.

In the same context, Telegram stated that it is celebrating today the number of its users reaching 400 million users around the world; Where the application has become among the list of the ten most downloaded applications, confirming that they have reached what they are now because of the users’ confidence and their positive praises in the application without making any advertisements for this purpose.

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