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Thursday January 14, 2021

Officially – revealed Samsung Galaxy S21, here are the specifications, features, and prices!

Today, during its event, Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy S21 as part of the unveiling of the new series, and the regular Galaxy S21 phone is the lowest of the series phones in terms of specifications and price, as is known to all of us! Within the conference, Samsung unveiled the new Contour Cut design, which is the design that Samsung created for the new series, especially for the back and for the area of ​​the cameras, as the design from the front – that is, the screen – has not changed, of course.

Specifications and features of the Galaxy S21

The first specifications and features are the new Contour Cut design, which is really an excellent and impressive design, and it made Samsung phones move away from the square camera design that Apple started, and thus Samsung has a completely different design!

The Galaxy S21 is coming with the new Snapdragon 888 processor in very limited markets, along with the Exynos 2100 processor in the rest of the markets, which is the processor that we will talk about in a separate article, the phone also coming with a 5G processor built into the central processor along with a 4,000 mAh battery, we mention The Exynos 2100 processor is a processor with a precision of manufacture of 8 nanometers and offers very high performance, and it will be a strong competitor to the Snapdragon processor, and we may not notice significant differences between the two phones during the current year.

In terms of memory, the phone comes with 8 GB of RAM, along with 128 or 265 GB of storage space, and there is no doubt that these are very sufficient numbers and help in pricing the phone in an acceptable way, the phone will be available in four different colors, which are as in the previous image and the following image:

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Officially - disclosure of the Galaxy S21 phone, here are the specifications, features, defects and prices

The version of the Galaxy S21 is the only one in the series that comes with a back Of plasticWhile the screen comes with the leading Corning Gorilla Glass Victus protection layer, it is also reported that the gray color will be available only 265 GB! And it seems that Samsung has a keen interest in this color now.

The regular Galaxy S21 will come with a 6.2-inch screen with a front camera in the middle, and the following is what the front side of the phone looks like compared to the Plus version:

The phone will carry the new Ultrasonic sensor within the screen from Qualcomm, which we told you about earlier in the article “Qualcomm announces the second generation of the 3D Sonic Sensor fingerprint sensor with great features.” – The screen of the Galaxy S21 phone is coming with FHD + accuracy only, while it will support the frequency of 120 hertz without any problem, but the new screen in the phone will provide the adaptive frequency feature to decrease or increase its frequency according to the content being reviewed.

The phone is coming with a 12-megapixel main camera, a 12-megapixel wide camera and a 64-megapixel zoom camera, just as it was reported in the previous leaks. The cameras will support distinctive features in terms of night photography, portrait mode and close-up! The new phones will support 8K photography and offer new camera features in terms of software. Side of the usual 10-megapixel front camera

Officially - disclosure of the Galaxy S21 phone, here are the specifications, features, defects and prices

The price and launch date of the regular Galaxy S21

Samsung has priced the phone at $ 799 for the 128GB version, while the phone will be available on January 29, this while pre-booking has started today, January 14th in countries that provide this feature! It is also mentioned that pre-booking will provide the bookers with the new Samsung SmartTag tracker only .. To know the price in your country and the ability to pre-book visit the website Samsung.

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