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Saturday January 23, 2021

Occupation forces arrest a young man from Jenin and storm Hizma and Al-Tur in Jerusalem

The World – Palestine

And local sources reported that the occupation forces arrested the young Moataz Ziad Khalil Saba’neh after raiding his family’s home in Jenin.

In a related context, the occupation forces stormed the towns of Hizma and Al-Tor in occupied Jerusalem.

Jerusalem sources reported that clashes broke out in the town of Hizma, after the occupation forces stormed and deployed in its neighborhoods, and sound bombs and poison gas were fired.

The town of Al-Tur also witnessed clashes described as Al-Shadidah, after the occupation forces stormed the town and spread it in separate areas.

It is worth noting that the occupation forces carry out daily raids and searches in separate areas of the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem that result in terrorizing citizens, especially children and women, vandalizing property and stealing money, and arresting dozens. This raises the number of prisoners, especially the administrative ones, inside the occupation prisons.

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