Due to the rapid growth of the countries of the world, development has been resorted to; To balance this acceleration in growth, and development in general means; Growth and development, and this development is divided into several types according to the field in which it is specialized; There is economic, social, and political development, and all types depend on each other, and development needs a study of the reality, and the development of proposed solutions that help the growth and prosperity of the sector and its advancement.

Obstacles to development in Jordan

The state of Jordan belongs to the third world countries, and the following is a mention of the obstacles to development in Jordan, whether this development pertains to any of its three areas:

  • The absence of strategic programs that would be able to exploit the resources of the different regions, whether these programs are future or current.
  • lack of extensive studies; To know the reasons for the delay in different fields, when the base study is accurate and realistic, the solutions that can be put in place will be more realistic and credible.
  • Absence of the concept of volunteering for many.
  • The weak link between the educational disciplines that students study and the needs of the labor market. Young people often focus on studying disciplines that have social acceptance, such as medicine, engineering, and education, and they stay away from mechanics and industrial disciplines, which the market needs; The need for manpower from neighboring countries increases.
  • The lack of skills and capabilities to activate industrial work in Jordan; Often workers are satisfied with what benefits them in their present work and do not try to progress and develop these skills and learn from the experiences of other countries.
  • The lack of capital that helps move the wheel of the economy, establish development projects, and increase debt in general; This burdens the public budget, as a large part of it is allocated annually to repay debts, thus increasing the deficit in it and reducing the share of development projects inside Jordan.
  • The rural areas lack small development projects that take advantage of the resources in them.
  • fluctuating rainfall; Agricultural development requires the availability of water to exploit agricultural areas, and there is no doubt that the economic sector depends heavily on the agricultural sector; When the agricultural sector declines, most likely the industrial sector declines.

Obstacles to development in Jordan

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