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Nubain is a medicine that is available as an ampoule for injection. Nubain injections help to bring quick relief from severe pain, so it is preferred for use in the hospital to relieve the pain of surgical procedures. To learn together about the most important information about Nubin, what are the most important side effects and contraindications to the use of opioid analgesics?

What is Nubin?

It is a medicine that contains the active ingredient nalbuphine hydrochloride, which is an opioid analgesic of the phenanthrene group. It is available as an ampoule to be given intramuscularly or under the skin and it can be taken intravenously to relieve severe pain. Nubin has a strong analgesic efficacy equivalent to that of morphine, and it is characterized by rapid action, as its effect begins two to three minutes after intravenous administration. Its analgesic effect lasts between 3 to 6 hours.

Generic name of the drug Nalpofen
Brand Names Nobain
drug classification opioid analgesics
Pharmaceutical Forms An ampoule for intramuscular, intravenous or subcutaneous injection at a concentration of 10-20 mg nalbuphine hydrochloride.
drug manufacturer Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc

Reasons for using Nubin

Nalbuphine drug has an important effect in relieving pain, it is used in the following cases:

  • Help relieve moderate to severe pain.
  • It helps with anesthesia during surgeries and pain relief after surgery.
  • Pain relief during labor and childbirth pain relief.

Contraindications to the use of Nubin injections

Contraindications to the use of Nubin injections
Contraindications to the use of Nubin injections

Nubain analgesic should not be given to some patients. We list 10 medical conditions that contraindicate its use:

  • Hypersensitivity to nalofin or opioids.
  • Children and adolescents under 18 years of age.
  • Diseases of the nervous system such as epilepsy.
  • Respiratory diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  • Pancreatitis and appendicitis.
  • Intestinal obstruction.
  • Alcohol and drug addiction.
  • Head and brain injuries.
  • renal failure.
  • Liver disease.
  • Brain infection or tumor.

Important tips before taking Nubin

Before using this drug, it is important to warn the patient against misuse or prolonged use, as this drug, like all morphines, causes physical and psychological dependence, and this habit can cause serious withdrawal symptoms when the drug is stopped. Therefore, caution should be exercised and not to exceed the dose or duration of treatment specified by the health care provider. Before using this medicine patients should be informed of the following information:

  • Caution and not to exceed the dose or duration of treatment specified by the doctor to avoid addiction.
  • The drug causes sedation, and it impairs mental and physical abilities, so you should not engage in tasks that require alertness, such as driving cars to prevent accidents.
  • Do not share with any other opioid analgesic.
  • Do not stop the drug abruptly and it is preferable to stop gradually to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

pregnancy and breastfeeding

Nubin is given safely to relieve labor pain, but its use during pregnancy may cause harmful effects on the fetus, so it should not be used by pregnant women and should only be given if the desired benefit outweighs the risks of its use.

Studies have shown that Nubin is excreted in breast milk, but in small quantities, it does not have a clinical effect on the nursing child. However, this medicine should not be prescribed to nursing mothers.

How to take Nubin

The drug is given by intramuscular, intravenous or subcutaneous injection, and the dose can be repeated every 6 hours. The appropriate dose is determined according to the severity of the pain, the patient’s age, weight and health condition.

nalbuphine dose

nalbuphine dose
nalbuphine dose

The usual dose is 10 mg for adults, repeated as needed 4-6 times a day, and the maximum daily dose is 160 mg. When the drug is given for anesthesia, a dose ranging between 0.3 – 3 mg per kilogram of weight must be injected intravenously over a period of up to a quarter of an hour, and maintenance doses ranging between 0.25 and 0.5 mg per kilogram of the patient’s weight are given depending on the duration of anesthesia required.

What do you do if you forget to take a dose?

In the event that a Nubin injection is missed, it is taken as soon as the patient remembers it, but if the missed dose is remembered at a time close to the time of the next dose, it must be missed and not to combine two doses, and return to the treatment schedule determined by the doctor.

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What do you do if you take an overdose?

An overdose causes serious and potentially life-threatening symptoms, including:

  • severe drowsiness;
  • Anesthesia with dysphonia.
  • inhibition and slow breathing;
  • Irregular heartbeat.

In the event of exceeding the dose, he must go to the nearest health center and obtain urgent medical assistance, where the patient is given intravenous solutions and pressure lifts, and breathing is supported with oxygen when shortness of breath occurs.

Actions to avoid while taking this medicine

While using nalbuphine injections, alcohol and narcotics should be avoided because they increase the sedative effect of the drug, and it is preferable to use the lowest dose that gives the analgesic effect for the shortest possible treatment period to avoid the side effects of the drug and to avoid the occurrence of habituation.

Nubin side effects

Sedation is the most common side effect when treated with Nubin. Other common side effects have been reported, including:

  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • sweating;
  • Headache and dizziness.
  • Dry mouth.

There are also less common side effects such as:

  • Effects on the central nervous system:

Neurological effects have been recorded including confusion and fainting with nervousness and depression, and medication may occur insomnia, unusual dreams, euphoria, and the desire to cry with a feeling of numbness or tingling.

  • Effects on the psychological state:

The drug may cause hallucinations, deviation from reality and dysphonia.

  • Effect on the heart and blood vessels:

The drug causes a slow and irregular heartbeat, and may cause an increase or decrease in blood pressure.

  • Digestive effects:

The drug causes indigestion, stomach cramps, and a bitter taste in the mouth.

  • Effects on the respiratory system:

The drug may cause shortness of breath and asthma.

  • Its effect on the urinary system:

Nobin causes dysuria with urinary urgency.

  • Allergic reactions to the drug:

Sensitivity may occur in some individuals, ranging from itching to rash, symptoms may be stronger and respiratory distress may develop, which may progress to respiratory arrest and laryngeal edema.

In the event of serious side effects of nalbuphine, urgent medical advice is required because these symptoms may be life-threatening.

Drugs that interact with Nubin

Interactions can occur between the nalbuphine compound and other drugs, and the drug reaction may be dangerous and life-threatening, so the doctor must be consulted and told of all the medications the patient is taking. Among the medicines that interact with Nubin, we mention:

  • sedative medications
  • Alcohol-containing medicines.
  • Pharmacotherapeutic group: Phenothiazines.

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Alternative medicines to Nubin

Alternative medicines to Nubin
Alternative medicines to Nubin

There are many commercial names that contain the same scientific composition, for example:

  • Nalofen.
  • Ambofen.
  • naloxime;
  • Nalban.

There are medicines that are not similar in composition, but are prescribed for the same indication, for example:

  • Durogesic.
  • Abstral.
  • morphine.
  • Tifa.
  • Ventamas.

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Nubin price in local markets

The state Concentration and dosage form price
Saudi Arabia Pack of 5 ampoules with a concentration of 20 mg 15.3 SAR
Egypt Pack of 10 ampoules at a concentration of 20 mg 160 EGP

Frequently asked questions about Nubin

What are the expected withdrawal symptoms when stopping Nubin?

Abrupt discontinuation of the drug causes withdrawal symptoms including nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fever, restlessness, anxiety, and an erection.

Is nalbuphine addictive?

This drug can be addictive, especially when used for a long period of time. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it without consulting and supervising a doctor.

What is the effect of Nubin medicine on infertility?

Prolonged use of nalbuphine causes reduced fertility in both males and females due to the effects of androgen deficiency.

Nubin is an opioid analgesic drug, which should be given with caution and under the supervision of a specialist in cases of severe pain after surgery. Store the medicine at room temperature out of the reach of children, and it must be emphasized that the prescribed dosage should be adhered to to eliminate the risk of addiction to this drug.