The novel The Ceiling of Enough is a Saudi novel by the Saudi writer Muhammad Hassan Alwan, and it is the first novel of this writer, which was published in 2002 AD by Al-Farabi Publishing House in Beirut. He published a novel entitled Sophia in 2004, which was followed in 2007 by a novel entitled The Collar of Purity, and in 2011 he published the novel The Beaver, which published seven editions, the last of which was in 2013

In the beginning, we will talk a little about the novel “Saqf al-Kafia”, which is an emotional novel that talks about a love story that originated between two young men in their twenties named Nasser and Maha, and the novel focuses on the fact that it is difficult to maintain a love story in a conservative society, and it is also difficult to live a story Love in a society that cares about customs and traditions and adheres to the Islamic religion like Saudi society, and the first meeting of the two lovers was in the city of Riyadh, and by virtue of the city’s puritanical situation, their love was the result of phone calls, as is the case in many love stories in that city, but the nullity is a rebellion against this Traditions, customs, and customs, to pass their meeting later until they meet in the bookshop or in a hotel room or the matter reaches her bedroom, but the sad thing in the novel is the sad end, as the novel did not end like the happy endings in the love stories that we used to read about, but rather The end was a great emotional setback, the result of which was that the heroine left him and married another person named Salem, so that Nasser lived pain, aches and bitter memories of parting with his beloved, but Nasser resorted to travel in order to complete his studies in Vancouver But they were full of the pain of memories, he thought that exile would make him forget his pain, but exile could not erase the beautiful memories he lived with his girlfriend, but in exile he met a 25-year-old Iraqi young man who tried to make him forget his pain and aches.

The novel is predominantly poetic, as it is full of aesthetic images as if it were a poem. The book had woven it with different threads of sadness, joy, politics and love, and he spoke in it wonderfully about Iraq, and he also painted pictures of the Iran-Iraq war, which embodied the war in an accurate way by a friend of Nasser Al-Iraqi. And who lived through the war as a child and was always talking to Nasir about it.

The love story that the writer talked about in his novel is similar to the majority of love stories in our Arab society, in which the heroine left the hero in order to marry someone without indifference to the situation in which the hero lives later. Leave his girlfriend to him.

The writer also left the ending open to the reader, and he had concluded it with a sentence when Maha entered, and he did not complete what happened after that, so he left the matter to the reader’s imagination of what happened after that.

The ceiling of enough novel

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