Notice of friendship – Encyclopedia of Medicine 21

  • How many friends are in the tongue, and when you need them, they may not do a homework
  • I have a word in my mind, and I can’t hide it. They say time has left, and I say time has passed
  • What to write about friendship, it is the basis of perfection
  • I swear to God, I will not forget the owner of what we forget for a long time, and his aspects are lost
  • There is nothing in the world more beloved to one who looks at the view of friends and companions.
  • The friends of men are many, but in affliction they are few
  • The pain of my friend, and this is the case of my friend, I love him, words are said
  • My friend on the day of my distress is upset with the one who shares my concerns and distress
  • I befriend a person’s soul before his body, and know it in doing and speaking
  • Friendship is a treasure, meaning beautiful. From its owner, I bear witness that he is a king
  • My friend, all the arrows that you stabbed me with are except your arrows, seeing them as fire in my chest.
  • Where are you my friend where are you
  • I wrote the next night, I will be the one who is equal to all creatures
  • The wound of friendship, the days do not heal for those who hurt me, my friend, what do you say to me?

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