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Monday June 1, 2020

NordVPN is a full service that provides you with the connection speed and security you need

The use of VPN services known as VPN has become a common thing around the world, as these networks give the user unlimited access to the web as well as providing a high level of security, as it provides a virtual Internet Protocol (IP) that prevents others from tracking it.

With the widespread use of VPN, there are many services that offer different advantages, but among which we found NordVPN Which is one of the most important and most prominent services in the field and one of the most integrated for its diversity in the servers and countries in which it operates and its applications available on all systems in the market, allowing access to any information on the web with ease and maintaining the protection of the user from any danger thanks to the technology of double encryption That you work with.

The Panama-based NordVPN service is not subject to any data retention policy, as the host country is not subject to such laws in the first place, and therefore everything that users do goes first and cannot be tracked or known, which means a high level of confidentiality. Also, the law prohibits the service from maintaining a record of logins.

The matter expands from Panama to 59 different countries around the world that have more than 5,400 servers at a high speed for the company, which allows a huge diversity of users to help them open all websites, whatever the policy of domestic and international countries towards accessing them; If the content is prohibited in your country, with NordVPN you can access it via a server from 59 countries in the world, and if the content is for example the United States and only those residing there can view it, selecting an American server will qualify you to enjoy the content.

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The previous point has become one of the important points in the world, especially with the proliferation of web services and content broadcasting services such as Disney Plus and Hulu that have not reached our Arab region and the Middle East yet, but with the use of NordVPN and change the country to the United States, the user will appear as if he lives there, and thus the possibility Enjoy the service with ease.

VPN with additional benefits

NordVPN trusts what it does to its users so much compared to its competitors, that it gives them a 30-day guarantee to get back the subscription funds if they don’t like the service. It provides an unlimited amount of data usage and a feature called CyberSec to prevent any site that poses a risk to the user and to prevent annoying ads.

The company provides around-the-clock technical support service via pop-up chat, website, email, etc. to ensure the user gets quick solutions to his problem.

Its applications on all platforms and systems provide: Android, iOSWindows, Mac, Chrome, Linux, Firefox.

NordVPN pricing and service subscription

The many advantages provided by the service come at reasonable prices, along with discounts for new subscribers in the MENA region that reach 70%. Via the official website, which is next:

  • $ 11.95 a month and one.
  • 41% discount for 1 year subscription, for a month value of $ 6.99.
  • 58% off when you sign up for 2 years, for a monthly value of $ 4.99.
  • 70% off three-year subscription, for a month’s value of just $ 3.49.

The application can also be downloaded to an operating system Android is here, And an operating system iOS here, Or visit The official site is here Take advantage of the offer.

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