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Tuesday March 2, 2021

No need for all the screaming and congestion .. 10 ways to vent anger

From waiting in long lines and dealing with provocative coworkers or even driving through seemingly unmoving traffic, simple or everyday matters in life turn into causes of anger and harsh reactions.

While feeling angry about this daily discomfort is a natural response to stress, spending all the time getting upset about things here and there can be devastating to your health first, and then the health of those around you.

It is no secret that giving in to tantrums harms your personal and professional relationships, but also affects various aspects of your life.

Conversely, constantly suppressing anger can lead to physical and emotional reactions, including high blood pressure and anxiety, according to the report. Canadian study.

How can you manage and direct this anger in a healthy way, reduce the chances of injury Heart disease at the long term?

10 ways to vent anger

Give yourself a break by taking some personal time from your immediate surroundings / Istock

1- Take a deep breath

In an instant it is easy to forget to breathe. But the kind of superficial breathing you do when you’re angry keeps you in gear and fight.

To control the situation, you should take slow breaths in your stomach instead of your chest.

You can also do this exercise:

  • Find a chair or place you can sit comfortably, allowing your neck and shoulders to fully relax.
  • Breathe deeply through your nose and pay attention to the height of your belly.
  • Exhale through your mouth.
  • Try doing this exercise 3 times daily for 5 to 10 minutes, or as needed.

2- Repeat a reassuring prayer or phrases

Repeating a soothing phrase can make it easier to express difficult feelings, including anger and frustration.

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Try to slowly repeat “Take it easy” or “Everything will be fine.”

You can also keep a list of phrases on your phone for a quick reminder before a stressful job offer or a challenging meeting.

3- Try visualization

Finding your happy place in the middle of a flight delay or a business setback can help you relax, according to the site Healthline Medical.

When facing stress, try drawing a mental picture to calm your body and mind:

Think of a real or imaginary place that makes you feel happy, peaceful and safe. This could be a camping trip to the mountains you took last year or to an exotic beach that you’d like to visit one day.

Focus on the sensual details by imagining yourself there. What are smells, sights and sounds?

Be aware of your breathing and keep this image in your mind until you feel your anxiety begin to subside.

4- Move your body with awareness and alertness

Sometimes sitting increases anxiety, and consciously moving the body through yoga or other relaxing exercises helps release tension in your muscles.

Next time you get into a stressful situation, have a try Walking Or even doing some sports or even light dancing to take your mind off the tension.

5- Check your point of view

Moments of high tension can distort your perception of reality, causing you to feel that the world is plotting against you.

The next time you feel the anger rising, try to check your point of view.

Almost everyone is safe from the experience of a difficult day, but tomorrow is always an opportunity for a new beginning.

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Ways to vent anger
Tantrums do nothing, but that doesn’t mean not venting to a trusted friend or family member after an especially bad day / Istock

6- Express your frustration

Tantrums don’t do anything, but that doesn’t mean not venting to a trusted friend or family member after an especially bad day.

Plus, allowing yourself space to express some of your anger prevents it from showing inside.

7- Defuse your anger with humor

Finding the humorous side in a hot moment maintains a balanced perspective. This doesn’t mean you should simply laugh at your problems, but rather look at them in a fun way.

The next time you feel anger simmering, imagine what this scenario might look like to an outsider? How can it be funny to them.

By not taking yourself too seriously, you’ll have more chances of knowing just how minor inconveniences aren’t in the bigger picture of things.

8- Change the ocean

Give yourself a break by taking some personal time from your immediate surroundings.

If your house is cluttered and stresses you, for example, take a car ride or get out for a walk.

You will likely find that you are more willing to organize the mess when you return.

9- Know the triggers and find alternatives

If your daily commute turns you into a ball of anger and frustration, try to find an alternate route or leave early for work.

Do you have a boisterous coworker who is constantly ticking? Put on noise canceling headphones.

The idea is to identify and understand the things that trigger your anger. Once you know what they are exactly, you can take steps to avoid falling prey to them.

10. Focus on the positive aspects

While contemplating today’s misfortunes may seem natural, it will not help in the short or long term.

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Instead, try to refocus on the things that went well. If you can’t find the bright side, you can also try to think about how things could have gone wrong.

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