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Wednesday September 16, 2020

Nissan unveils Z Proto

Nissan today unveiled the “Z Proto” concept car, announcing its intention to launch a new generation of cars.Z Sports. A virtual event was organized, broadcast around the world from the Nissan Pavilion in Yokohama, Japan. This test car features a new design inside and out, as well as a 6cylinder engine with twin turbochargers and a manual transmission.

The concept car was first mentioned in a special promotional video entitled “Nissan AZThe concept car was inspired by the history of theZ“50 years old with modern sporty features.

In this context, Makoto Uchida, CEO of “Nissan” said:Z A sports car par excellence that represents the spirit of Nissan and is a staple of the transformation policy Nissan NEXT That we depend and the best evidence of our ability to do what others do not dare to do from beginning to end. I am a fan of Movers Z I am pleased to announce that the next generation is coming. ”

The virtual event was attended by a group of sports car fans, old and young, including Nadi members Z In Japan and a conference ZCON In the American city of Nashville and other car lovers around the world.

Exterior design: past meets future

The new concept car was developed by the Japanese design team and features a striking exterior design with lines highlighting the model’s long history. It is distinguished by its yellow color Pearly The illustrious one in homage to the firstgeneration model Z (S30) And model 300ZX (Z32) With a black roof.

Afonso Albaisa, Head of Design at Nissan, said: “It was difficult to combine the classic character with the futuristic vision, but our engineers were able to conduct a set of studies, designs and research on previous models and their success factors. And we decided that the new car should make a journey through the decades into the future. ”

Recall hood and headlights LED In the form of a drop in a car Z The first, while the rectangular front grille reminds of the current model with the addition of oval blades to give it a modern look that combines sportiness and elegance.

Albaisa explained: “The lamps LED The foreground in the shape of a semicircle belongs to the model 240ZG Which was launched in the 1970s only in Japan. It features a car ZG With transparent lenses over the headlights And that reflects light in the form of two circles. We liked this unique feature and found it had a natural place within the automotive identity Z.

The connection is evident with a car Z The first is when you see the side of a car Z ProtoThe classic design lines are clear and similar to the first generation of the car, where the rear is higher than the front bumper, giving the car Z Unique look. As for the rear of the car, it was inspired by the tail lights of a car 300ZX Redesigned to keep up with contemporary style, it is rectangular and extends to the corners with clear light by technology LED.

Carbon fiber has been incorporated into the side rim, front bumper and rear curtain, ensuring dynamic performance. The car is equipped with 19inch alloy wheels and a dual exhaust, giving it an impressive presence on the roads.

Interior design: contemporary technology and traditional touches

Designed to suit the needs of the driver and passenger, the interior seamlessly blends contemporary technology with traditional touches.

The interior design team collaborated with the top drivers in the motorsport world to give a car Z Proto A sports carlike interior suitable for roads and racetracks. This is reflected in the tools available in the car, with a 12.3inch digital screen designed to give the driver the information he needs at a glance.

The steering wheel provides quick controls without losing its classic appeal. The interior is fitted with yellow accents on the seats and dashboard.

Sports car thrill: dynamic and exciting performance

Car is designed Z The original is in order to provide excitement and thrill and put the sports car within the reach of the largest number of people.

Hiroshi Tamura, a product specialist, said Z Proto:“I have always enjoyed a car Z With its strong dynamic performance, it allows customers to enjoy its capabilities and communicate with the vehicle. This has been achieved across all of its generations and this is what always drives us to more innovation and challenge the status quo. ”

Each generation was distinguished from the previous by a powerful engine, but the car was not limited to its power. Tamura continued, “A car is available Z A balance between energy and flexibility, it simulates the driver not only on a physical level but also on an emotional level and responds to his demands.

Characterized Z Proto With its power, it was equipped with a sixcylinder engine with a twin turbocharger and a sixspeed manual transmission. With the concept car, work is currently underway to harmonize power and handling, to be the same as those of its predecessors over the past 50 years.

Uchida concluded, “With the launch of the electric Aria car this summer, we have ushered in a new era of electric and autonomous technology. Z We offer customers the excitement of sports cars. For more than 50 years, we have built a car legend Z. I am delighted that you will accompany us in the next chapter. Car Z Al Jadida is on its way to you.

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