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Tuesday February 23, 2021

Next iOS 14.5 update – important update to protect the iPhone from hacker attacks!

The upcoming iOS 14.5 update from Apple soon will not only add new features to the iPhone, but there is much more important than that, which is to raise the level of protection and increase immunization against hacker attacks.

The iOS 14.5 update will specifically provide protection against Zero Click attacks, but what does this mean in the first place?

Zero Click attacks and vulnerabilities allow hackers to access the victim’s device without the need for any user interaction, such as clicking on a fraudulent link sent to him in a message.

Attacks of this kind are dangerous because it is difficult for the average “victim” user to discover them, and even suspect their existence. They are also more complex in comparison with other types of vulnerabilities and penetrations.

Since 2018, Apple has relied on what is known as Pointer Authentication Codes (PAC) to prevent hackers from injecting devices with malicious software and codes. These codes are encrypted first to confirm them.

In iOS 14.5, the encryption was increased to include ISA codes, and these codes were being sabotaged and exploited by Hacker Zero Click attacks.

These new mods will make attacks on iPhones more difficult and stop dangerous Zero Click attacks.

Also, these modifications will prevent the malware from escaping from sandboxes, which is a mechanism in the operating system that isolates programs from each other in order to prevent the spread of malware on a large scale in the system.

What Apple is doing may not prevent future Zero Click attacks, but it will definitely make it more difficult and force hackers to find alternative vulnerabilities.

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These modifications will also come with the iPadOS 14.5 update to secure iPad devices against these attacks as well.

The iOS 14.5 update is still in the beta phase, and it will take time until the final launch is expected in March.

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