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Sunday August 9, 2020

News of 490 people injured in the Beirut protests

The World – Lebanon

The operations room added, in a statement, that the agency’s paramedics worked to field aid to the wounded, and “transported 90 of them to Beirut hospitals.”

Earlier on Saturday, Arab media reported that the clashes left 232 people injured.

In a related context, the General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces said, via “Twitter”, that “there is no truth to what is being circulated that the martyr in the security forces had fallen as a result of being shot.”

The directorate had announced, via Twitter, that a member of the Internal Security Forces had been killed “while he was carrying out a security and order operation while assisting detainees inside Le Gray Hotel.” She added that he was killed “after a number of riotous killers assaulted him, which led to his downfall and his death.”

Large-scale opposition demonstrations, accompanied by riots and violent clashes with security forces, erupted in central Beirut today, Saturday, against the background of the devastating explosion that rocked the port of the capital last Tuesday.

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