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Thursday July 2, 2020

New Windows 10 Start menu design unveiled and Alt-Tab switching app update

Many visual updates that Windows 10 will get, especially in its main interface. Where Microsoft returned to the idea of ​​live squares in the start menu, which got a new design.

Microsoft used a transparent background that appears in the left section of the Start menu that contains application icons, instead of the one color.

Microsoft aims to make the interface simpler and easier to browse to learn about the applications that are used daily.

On the other hand, the Alt-Tab switching feature also got an update that now includes tabs of open sites in the Edge browser, not just the active applications and programs in Windows.

This feature will benefit greatly from depends on the Edge browser as a default browser and has many open tabs. You always have the option to disable this mod and make it the same as before, limited to programs only, and only one of them is included.

New Windows 10 Start menu design detection and Alt-Tab switching update - Microsoft
New Windows Start menu design detection and Alt-Tab switching application update

The taskbar also got minor modifications that make it more personal when you link your Android phone or login to an Xbox Live account.

All these modifications are now available in the latest beta version of Windows 10 for testing before it was officially approved later and released in the final version.


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