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Sunday October 18, 2020

New website to forecast cyber piracy between countries

A team of researchers at Johns Hopkins University in the United States unveiled a website that can predict the likelihood of cyber attacks between countries and some of them.
The site bears the name “Cyber ​​Attack Predictive Indicators”, meaning “the prediction indicator for cyber-piracy attacks.” It was created by the researcher Anton Dabura, a specialist in computer science and Terry Thompson, an expert in electronic piracy, and it provides a proactive analytical study for countries that are more likely to carry out cyber piracy attacks against other countries.

The technology website “TechExplore” quoted the researcher, Anton Dabura, as saying that “the site is trying to predict the next cyber piracy struggle based on the data collected on previous attacks, and he believes that these types of attacks will become” a common form of conflict in the future”.

The study team developed a research approach to evaluate countries based on five main elements of the reality of cyber piracy attacks that occurred over the past 15 years, including the strength and accuracy of the cyber attack, the motives for the attack itself, the extent of concerns about the repercussions of the attack, the consistency of the attack with the security policies of the attacking party, and finally The degree of technological weaknesses of the target country.

The website presents a set of models or real cases that were used to develop the indicator and formulate a cyber attack classification system.

The “TechExplore” website says that the two highest-scoring attacks on the index are the cyber attack launched by Russia on Georgia in conjunction with the war that erupted between them in 2008, and the electronic virus “Stuxnet” launched by the United States and Israel on an Iranian nuclear facility.

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